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15 Für 15 : Schule

Today we hitched a free ride to the Nigerian church run by a really nice couple and I actually do enjoy the preaching but they are a bit old fashioned and do a few things I do not agree with….but that’s just moi.

However, the members are a nice bunch and quite close knit. I get fascinated by the kids who speak fluent German and keep wondering when I would get confident enough to speak so fluently.

Now there’s a young girl who just graduated from school and I approached her to ask if she would be willing to talk about her general experience attending a German institute as an immigrant as I had talked in an earlier post about interviewing foreigners that have fully integrated.

Well she declined but was open to sharing a few tips which wasn’t what I wanted as I already know what I need to do. At least I think I do. One of my class mates told me how she went to the Arbeitsamt to inquire about getting a job and enrolling for an Ausbildung. The person who spoke to her basically told her to get her B1 language certificate then she can reschedule for another appointment where all her questions would be answered.

So I had planned to just end at B1 then pick up the rest along the way. Then I hear you need B2 certificate to enroll for an Ausbildung. So I just might go on with B2.

However, the girl wasn’t open to talking about her experience even as I promised not to put up her pictures and only gave me a few tips. I wanted her to talk about the complete schooling experience, how she handled it, what obstacles she faced, what quick word she would give to another person with plans to get educated in Germany as a foreigner.

She did say she only used her B1 which means (from her words) that your requirements only depends on what exactly you want to study. She studied a course called Altenpflege which is basically like working as a nurse and looking after old people. She made an appointment with the Arbeitsamt and got the list of everything she needed. Apparently she only needed her secondary school certificate (I hope this is right cos she said school cert: which I think is a short form of saying SSC) and her B1 language certificate.

She got her SSC evaluated to the Deutsch standard and began her three years course. She was quite lucky to get a job less than one week after she graduated as it seems to be a job in high demand. She did talk about struggling with the language cos even with her B1 she still wasn’t speaking German as perfectly as she understood it and once or twice thought about giving up(this is why I needed her to talk a bit more…that personal experience) and as is always said, real life experience with the language is a whole lot more better than classroom hours. Which is so very true. I get so embarrassed to speak and Gorgeousness always encourages me saying people will help out.

I am certain that Altenpflege is a course I do not want to study. Aside from the odd hours which doesn’t give you time for anything and errrm I am not giving up my precious weekends with Gorgeousness for whatever reason, I’m not open to administering injections or Impfung or giving drugs to anyone: young, old, gay, straight, freaking pets too. I am not doing that. So I will have to decide what I want to do and how to do it. I’m leaning towards online(will just need to be certain its agreeable with German standards).

It’s quite sad tho, that I was unable to get my transcript from the university I attended in Nigeria but that’s certainly not stopping me. If plan A doesn’t work you edit it abi?

Gute Nacht Leute!!

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  • Duru John de Beloved

    Now that closing line had me smiling.. No be small you edit it oh! Well it would have been DORO fun reading her tales eh, but oh well, there will always be another nah.. SO i am ANTICIPATING.. I really do wonder how you guys in Non-English speaking nations cope.. aswear if it were me ehn.. I will just sit down on the road one day and start crying my life out.. Cause being confused naturally as a human being and then being confused by Language will be too much to bear biko.. **crying in French.. Turn Up Turn up Ladies and gentlemen.. With Ausserehl yeah, Turning down is a mega sin punishable by law… and the crowd goes.. ooosssshheey! Cheers Bubba. xx

    • I know right??? Her experience would have been soooo fun to hear and you are the first person to spell my name correctly the first time!!! You don’t want to hear all the different ways it has been spelled… Hell even I got it wrong the first time hahaha.
      Hehe sit on the road and start crying duru I have sometimes felt that way too o when we deal with a confusing topic! I just want to sit on the floor and start wailing!

  • Clara

    It’s sad that the girl felt uncomfortable about sharing her experiences, but who knows why she’s like that?

    And just a point of correction, working in Altepflege is not the same as being a nurse. The educational levels are different, and so are the responsibilities. Working in Altenpflege is more like being a carer for the elderly, usually in their own homes kinda like a healthcare assistant/auxiliary. So while I would of course encourage you strongly to do nursing (which I obviously love!), all that is to tell you that you most likely won’t be doing any injections/taking bloods/giving bloods etc. And as it’s not nursing, and the demand is high (because of very many old people), you might be able to choose your hours. When I worked in the community in Paris (and in London too actually), the people doing that job had 2 teams, day and night. And like nurses had to do 2 weekends per month. I do this too at the mo, but my hours are so flexible that I can travel and do many other things. If I had “normal” non-nursing hours, it would be much harder to maintain a long-distance relationship. So see, not only disadvantages. I honestly would say consider Altenpflege and then please go on to do actual nursing. There are so many speacialities to choose from and you might be able to find one that fits you perfectly. For instance in my current job, apart from 3 times a month, I only work 9-5, have only done blods once in the last three months, and have not done even one injection. Totally different from my last job. I’ve had 5 other jobs in various countries and each time is completely and utterly different. That’s the beauty of nursing.

    Oya I think I’ll stop here. Too much writing and trying to bribe you into becoming a nurse like me!

    P.S. I love this series, and even though a lot of the stuff doesn’t really apply to me, I feel like we’re going to end up in Germany and I need all the info I can get! I’ve even already started looking at how to register and work there…I just have this strange intuition we’ll be coming to join you soon 🙂

    • My dear ignore my tiny mind….I needed to explain it easily and nurse came into my mind cos they are the injection and drugs administers! Cos that’s what she said she does, so “kind of like being a nurse” is how I see it.
      But no no, nurse oder Altenpflege is certainly not going to be going down! I hate hospitals of any kind. I once babysat for a lady here in Germany who was an altenpflegerin and she worked privately (cos this I believe gets more earning…more hours too) so she only saw her kids Fridays and Saturdays. A nurse in Germany is known as Krankenschwester so that’s certainly different cos you work both young and old while altenplege is only old people. So working in a nursing home also!
      But yeah….certainly different!
      Hahaha I can see how much you love your job. That’s the best thing ever. One of my classmates is a krankenschwester and works privately but she hates the hours and that es gibt so viel Arbeit. She wants to switch to regular hospitals but needs her b1 test result!
      Ooooh I hope you end up here and hopefully close by and not four hours away train ride! Would be fun experiencing the integration together and comparing notes!

  • Adaeze

    I’m terrible at learning new languages, really terrible. When I see people like you who are learning a new language and all I’m always excited. Had no idea Phoenix was Ibibio girl, I’ve been to your blog several times last year from Duru’s blog. Nice to connect all the dots now.
    Stay blessed darling

    • Hi adaeze! I am terrible with learning new languages too…ask my Igbo and Hausa teachers. English used to be the only language i spoke and never thought I would be learning any new ones. I would probably be happy speaking only English but to live here, u have to speak German so what better way to learn than be forced to?!! Not that I’m complaining, I love it a lot!
      Yup, phoenix is as Ibibio as Ibibio gets…except she speaks no Ibibio and is not ashamed to admit that!

  • chioma

    Duru will not kill me with sitting down on the road and crying part. pls.o, na craze be that nau. why won’t your alumna give you a transcript? that’s horrible mehhnn! anyway, by God’s grace you will work it out.

    • Hahah u know Duru abi? Lol but yeah not that they won’t give it. They would, just not directly to you. Maybe it has changed now I dunno. But at the time I was trying to get it, the drama was just too much for me to deal with and I was scheduled to leave before all the protocol I had to go thru was passed. Will try again on my next Nigerian trip as I need it for evaluation. Thank you

  • La Deutsche Diva

    So she declined to tell you her story…but then went on to tell you her story? Because it seems to me she told you what you asked and gave you a little more than just tips. Smh. People! Sounds like something I would do. No sweetie I don’t want to go into details but…

    and then 35 mins later you’re asking why did I ask???? Lol

    I was reading most universities and jobs accept b2 (hence why I did b2). I watched the mündliche Prüfung for C1/C2 and they looked like deer in headlights. I think I will
    Wait til I love in Germany for awhile before tackling those.

    I hope it all works out. I think it will. Some industries are taught exclusively in English btw (Business, some information technology programs, etc). Check those out! 🙂


    La Deutsche Diva

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