Karneval 2015

It’s officially carnival people!!! Woohoo! This is my second experience and I totally love it. I sadly didn’t get to take photos of all the cool costumes yesterday and it felt like less people came out for this year’s edition but I still was blown away by people’s imagination.

I was a bit uncertain about approaching people and asking for pictures but they were all so nice and didn’t mind their pictures on the internet. The most fun I had was with the ghostbusters gang. They were so chatty and totally infectious with their excitement and I loved it! Then I saw the baddie himself and practically raced after him for a picture! Bane struck a good pose for moi! Sunday is a procession day which I of course will be there for. It’s a small town procession so not much will be seen. But I get to pick up candy bars! Lol. Enjoy the weekend folks…

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  • Duru John de Beloved

    Sweeettt! looks like you and everyone there had madantin fun oh! Kai I wish i ‘were” there **Cring in french… Egbon.. But how come we didnt get to see a picture of our one and only PHOENIX herself nah?! **Winks.. that would have been DORO-mega cool.. And to that the crowd goes.. Pretty pleasssssseeeeeee… Do a personal post! just 1, ofu, Eyokan! One biko….. Thanks in advance Bubba.. Cheers.

    **in Termnators Voice.. i will be back in search of the personal post oh! be warned, I never back down… NEVER! **Shines teeth xx

    • As boring as I am, I didn’t get any costumes. Hopefully soon…maybe a Lara croft perhaps haha
      This is a serious challenge o Duru. I don’t do personal posts very well so I stay away from that part of blogging. Maybe one day….*shineszahne

  • Clara

    Chai no dressing up?! You fall our hand o J. I too really wish I was there…I love the atmosphere at London’s Notiing hill carnival and T tells this is even bigger! Next year IJN I will be there. Amen

    • I know I know….don’t rub it in too much! Maybe one day we will play dress up too! Oh lawd yes! Its really big here and this is just Köln! Imagine other big cities…. Oh do try and make it for next year. Maybe we can plan costume ideas!

  • La Deutsche Diva

    Love these pics. Well next year you can try the picking up candy thing. Hope it works out. Would be nice if we could all do it together!


    La Deutsche Diva

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