Karneval 2015

It’s officially carnival people!!! Woohoo! This is my second experience and I totally love it. I sadly didn’t get to take photos of all the cool costumes yesterday and it felt like less people came out for this year’s edition but I still was blown away by people’s imagination.

I was a bit uncertain about approaching people and asking for pictures but they were all so nice and didn’t mind their pictures on the internet. The most fun I had was with the ghostbusters gang. They were so chatty and totally infectious with their excitement and I loved it! Then I saw the baddie himself and practically raced after him for a picture! Bane struck a good pose for moi! Sunday is a procession day which I of course will be there for. It’s a small town procession so not much will be seen. But I get to pick up candy bars! Lol. Enjoy the weekend folks…

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