Eine Glückliche Traitor

I have experienced a bit of racism yes but nothing so thick that I go red with rage and lash out(thankfully I have Gorgeousness to calm me down if that ever happened which it almost did…once). Growing up in Nigeria, we are sort of shielded from racism(not tribalism though! That one is a hit in naija) and I guess this is why I never understand the pain black people abroad feel because even though this generation didn’t live in the time of slavery, they are closer and see it happen daily. I watch racial videos on YouTube and see comments from ignorant Caucasians who feel the need to use words like: we made you, we build what you live by….monkeys, you people etc and I say ignorant because they probably don’t know their history past black people in chains.

Why am I rambling on about racism? Well I had this lengthy talk about it with a friend and the points she made got me thinking that I really was in no position to judge people who play the racist card in every thing. Sure this will not help stop racism and that reason alone is what gets me angry when people start to go on about the so called card life dealt them.

From grumbling about the Asians taking over the hair industry especially as black women are their biggest clients, accusing women who choose to tame their kinky hair with relaxers(which ironically was invented by a black man)of bowing down to the European standards of beauty, to condemning black people who sell their business ideas to other races…..Dr dre let’s have a small talk…and how people in interracial relationships are traitors…#sideeyes

According to a particular post I was following, “they” (by they you do know I mean Caucasians) are still trying to be in control of the world. And this had me thinking about the “mallams” (title given to every Muslim man in naija!) Someone once said after another grumbled about how muslim men are everywhere in every corner of each city in Nigeria, that they are placed in every corner of the country waiting for the bell to be rung so they can bring out their powerful rifles hidden somewhere inside their dingy kiosks, ready to take over the world!

Ever since meeting Gorgeousness, I try to live by a code: evil begets evil and also try to stick with being happy. He is the most patient and stress free person you would ever meet. And his peaceful nature just rubs off the perfect way! I’m a better person and find humor in life’s surprises since the day I first met him at the Köln bhf wearing the most gawd awful looking jacket. Have we had fights since we met? No, not at all…hey I did try to pick a fight(I’m a very opinionated Nigerian woman, sue me) once when I was very upset with him but it just wasn’t worth it cos his loveable nature is basically stronger than my quarrelsome self and wins every time.

So this is me telling myself to stop being judgmental and even though I won’t get the anger most people feel(don’t get me wrong, I get upset when someone is discriminated against based on race, gender or sexual orientation), I do however understand it.

There’s too much crap going on in the world, so grabbing something as silly as hate for another race and holding on to it is just too darn hard abeg!


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