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15 Für 15: Frauen Treffen

The weather has been amazingly warm the past days and it’s been totally cool to not wear heavy jackets and snoods….not that I don’t mind the cold, seeing as winter is my fave season!

Anyways, I finally got to attend a group meet up that took place in köln. To be honest, I was completely skeptical about going for it cos it was expected to begin around 18:00 uhr and I hadn’t planned on staying out late(say nothing Clara).

So, all dressed up(not in my Sunday best tho!) We all met at the Hbf. I stood all alone by the Douglas beauty store, worrying Gorgeousness with messages out of boredom as I wasn’t certain who was there for it. I did see a girl and asked if she too was for it but no. Later, I noticed a bunch of girls and one of them came up to me and said it was OK to join their circle if I was part of the treffen which I thought was ganz nett. I must have looked lost and maybe slightly a tad pissed as the organisers arrived late.

I did not get a lot of pictures though cos the table we got didn’t give room for easy movement and the food….. Well, my first time having Ethiopian anything and I guess it’s an acquired taste maybe cos I really didn’t like any of it. But it can go down in history that I have definitely tried injera.

The girls were amazing company and worried I wasn’t getting in on the chats since my German was limited but I didn’t mind really. It was totally nice to connect with other Africans even though they basically grew up in Germany. I think it’s a cool way to integrate really. Sure I’m not much of a night owl and would rather spend my weekend reading a romance novel or watching a movie all over again but I think once in a while, hanging out isn’t bad at all.

Would I go for another meet up? Warum nicht! Hopefully nothing so late and nothing Ethiopian!



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