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15 Für 15: Frauen Treffen

The weather has been amazingly warm the past days and it’s been totally cool to not wear heavy jackets and snoods….not that I don’t mind the cold, seeing as winter is my fave season!

Anyways, I finally got to attend a group meet up that took place in köln. To be honest, I was completely skeptical about going for it cos it was expected to begin around 18:00 uhr and I hadn’t planned on staying out late(say nothing Clara).

So, all dressed up(not in my Sunday best tho!) We all met at the Hbf. I stood all alone by the Douglas beauty store, worrying Gorgeousness with messages out of boredom as I wasn’t certain who was there for it. I did see a girl and asked if she too was for it but no. Later, I noticed a bunch of girls and one of them came up to me and said it was OK to join their circle if I was part of the treffen which I thought was ganz nett. I must have looked lost and maybe slightly a tad pissed as the organisers arrived late.

I did not get a lot of pictures though cos the table we got didn’t give room for easy movement and the food….. Well, my first time having Ethiopian anything and I guess it’s an acquired taste maybe cos I really didn’t like any of it. But it can go down in history that I have definitely tried injera.

The girls were amazing company and worried I wasn’t getting in on the chats since my German was limited but I didn’t mind really. It was totally nice to connect with other Africans even though they basically grew up in Germany. I think it’s a cool way to integrate really. Sure I’m not much of a night owl and would rather spend my weekend reading a romance novel or watching a movie all over again but I think once in a while, hanging out isn’t bad at all.

Would I go for another meet up? Warum nicht! Hopefully nothing so late and nothing Ethiopian!



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  • Clara

    Aww I’m glad you met the girls. It defo helps with integration… I liked the ethiopian food I used to have at my friend house, even though I thought chicken and egg together in the doro wat was a bit mean (mother and unborn baby lol!). Maybe the resto wasn’t good? Or we just have different taste buds haha.

    I hope you meet up with them again soon.

    Have a lovely week and see you soon meine Liebe. XXX

    • LMAO only you Clara would think of that Hahaha mean indeed. Different taste bud I would say because I didn’t like any of it at all but then again I’m basically simple when it comes to food. And injera ain’t simple in my opinion lol.

  • New Dawn.

    Glad you had a bit of fun, though you don’t like the food. I am not a night owl myself. I rather stay indoors and read or watch movies.

    • Oh I’m with you on that nitty. These days, I freak out once it starts to get dark and I’m still outside. Gimme movies, popcorn and chips, toss in some bottles of soda and my social life is moonwalking

  • Duru John de Beloved

    **comes in Bumping head.. and **singing.. Turn down for what mbok?! Turn down for what?! Oosssshheey Turn up! Hmmmnnn Ethiopian food ke?! No be small thing oh! Sounds relatively nice though… and it sure looks it too **licks lipss.. and **licks lips again.. Kai teh lady in the first Picshur is faaaayyynnnneee iTrip.. Can we get connected.. **Winks.. I dunno anything about Ethiopia oh, but having that food na food.. I am down for anything.. **Tongue out.. I mega love the group selfie wih 3 of you in it… Thats our Ibibio Babe looking Frosh and the crowd goess…… Oooossssshhheeey Turn up! **Wears Mr. Nigeria smile..

    • Yeah it does look good abi? Oh I love the picture too. We looked like a group of teenagers…. Except I’m waaaaaaay past my teenage years. Ah ah, connected ke hold your horses mbok

  • Duru John de Beloved

    Hiya Egbon! How are you?! Oh mehhhnnn… Now i am worried.. Not updating is so unlike you… I hope you are berra now?! We miss you.. I miss you.. We are praying for you.. 🙂 #PastorJdBMode.. Oya take it.. Receive it.. **blows healing kiss, hug, anointing, inshort blows everything blowable your way.. **Shines teeth.. 🙂

    • I’m fine jor just get cross eyed and nasty headache when I try to write a blog post. Hopefully this week I will post one up cos I’m really getting better. Thank you so much for looking out. Enjoy your weekend

  • Miracle Roch

    Hey, nice post. I’ve been looking for a way to reach you. Please could you send an email to my mail ASAP please? Need to get something across. Thank you.

  • La Deutsche Diva

    I’m jelly!!!! I wish I would have been there with you. That looks and sounds like fun. I haven’t had any Ethiopian food. I’ve had Nigerian food at my friend’s house in Solingen (not far from Cologne) and it was amazing. I can’t wait to have some Nigerian food again.

    Between you, my friend Amaka, my friend Sarah and everyone else that seems to be around the Cologne area, I almost want to relocated to Cologne.

    I’m glad you had fun. Take a nap before you go out and I’m sure there is something on the Ethiopian menu you can find that you like. 😉


    La Deutsche Diva

    • It was fun Shah. I am sooooooo looking fwd to having a girls weekend with you. Eat naija food, listen to Nigerian music and make fun of the crappy ones…. No, no naija movies please
      So get your cute self back here so me you Amaka Sarah and Clara can plan a complete naija weekend

  • Duru John de Beloved

    **Scratches head.. We miss you… 🙁

    • Hi duru! Lol Thank you for checking up on me. I’m doing great. Recovering quicker than I expected. Thanks again!

  • New Dawn.

    How are you doing sistah?
    It has been a while.
    Hope all is alright?
    Waiting to hear from you.

    • Hi nitty I’m doing great thank-you for asking. Will be back on the blog soon.

  • Ola Lifetalks

    The weather has been amazing here as well bit windy but better than normal.
    Winter used to be my favourite season as well until this year my body rejected the cold, worse than before. Did you go to a blog meet up?

    The food looks lovely, I think I need a bloggers meet up as well. Happy you had a good time. x

    • not really a blog meet up, more like a hair Group meet up and yes the Food does look good and i ate it to fulfill all righteousness plus as a cheapskate, no Cent shall be wasted! thanks!

  • Adaeze

    She’s back!
    I’m glad you had fun and making a hearty attempt at integration. Your comments about the food made me smile, I don’t adapt to new food easily and I’m sure I’d have the same experience.

    • hahah hi Adaeze! yeah, i guess ist an acquired taste maybe? i do know i wont be trying it in a Long while!

  • Duru John de Beloved

    Egbon we miss you like Kilode 🙁 Bis bald, seien Sie sicher, und bitte lächeln, wenn Sie dies lesen …

    • hahaha duru, im forcing you to learn deutsch abi??!!!!

  • Duru John de Beloved

    Hiya Egbon, the is something wrong with Esther… she seems a tad depressed… now knowing you for the bundle of happiness and life that you are **wears Mr. Nigeria smile… i said to plead with you to drop a kind comment on her last post of the challenge. Pretty please Egbon?! Here is the link:

    Thank you for always making me smile Egbon, you Rock big time, aswear.

    • Hey Duru you and your psyches! Just went to her page and I hope she doesn’t shut down the blog anyways!

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