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Dunkle Haut, Afro Haar Und Eine Stolze Frau

First of all, I just have to say it feels totally odd, being away for more than four weeks and getting back into the Blogging swing of things. I def miss writing and hope to catch up on all the blogosphere drama…if any.

So, in case you don´t know, which I think is fairly obvious, I´m a black woman with a whole lot of crap to say about what the world is turning into.

A few weeks ago, this skinny arsed woman from the crappy American TV Station E News dissed a mixed race girl for sporting faux locs on the red carpet. Same hair that another girl had on and was seen as edgy. So what you say? Well the edgy look was caucasian and I had a whole lot to say about that. Old gist yes ich weiß aber my rant doesn´t end there. Said edgy look is a member of the kardashian family and I have seen photos and posts that basically worship her. She dresses up in crap and it becomes fashionable to look like a gypsy with no clan…no offence to actual gypsies of course. She goes gray with her hair and suddenly the Color gray on hair suddenly becomes a trend. She shows off full lips and all of a sudden, every idiot worth their stupidity is trying to achieve full lips by any means necessary. In the year 2015, one person walks into a store and the store Manager sends clients out so one child can shop undisrupted. Said child now strikes a pose thru the glass doors with foolish fans who have nothing better to do but worship fellow human beings. Am I upset with this child? Hell no. Ist her ardent followers that freak me the crap out. I understand going bonkers over a movie or the lyrics to a song or wanting to buy a new pair of shoes. Yes I do. Worshipping another human being I just do not get.

Now, ist a no brainer that all the trends being set by caucasian girls have already been set by black women. The full lips, the gray hair, the big butts which by the way is mostly natural and not purchased from an undisclosed clinic with a doctor whose name we cannot pronounce.

I was having a talk with an Indian girl I met and she actually called afro hair ugly and unmanageable. (she was nice enough to exclude me saying I know how to manage my hair!) Go figure. I was going to shut her down right there but then again, what was the point? This was someone who hated her dark skin as a child and only grew to love it when she got slightly fairer, still dreams of straight hair and happy she doesn´t live in India anymore so her skin doesn´t get dark. How the hell is she going to understand the love I have for my very dark skin and kinky hair? We did talk about loving yourself and she was honest enough to accept that for her straight hair is better. She was apparently teased as a child for her curls and skin and we all know how dark Indians are treated. Hell, there are famous commercials on tv for skin lightening creams to make your life better. The foolishness.

One thing I did ask her was this: so what should I do? Kill myself because I´m black and kinky haired?

We go on about how there is no such thing as racism, but there you go. A very famous Magazine put up an article about looks that should die in 2015 and every woman sporting the RIP look was black. Why? What gives you the right to judge anyone based on the color of their skin or the texture of their hair? Black history is being told wrongly in schools and people like Helen Williams have been forgotten especially in this time where fashion is obviously taking a drastic nose dive.

Kim schmadashian did not inspire the ruched skirt look, her sister did not invent full lips or create the faux loc look, Jennifer Lopez was not the first woman to be born with big buttocks, caucasian women are most definitely not more beautiful than black women(by the way, I hope no one is buying that silly Magazine).

My point in all this? It shouldn´t matter what color your skin is or how curly your hair is. The idea is to love yourself and stand up to bullies and people who assume they know what trend to set. Try doing something worthwhile other than fellowshipping with a famous person who doesn´t know who you are but puts you in a box labeled crazy fan.



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  • Nitty

    Oh! My! I can feel your anger through my screen J. And I understand perfectly well as a fellow black sistah. The media has stereotyped beauty. So any woman who does not look like that is considered ugly. And we are not helping ourselves either by trying so hard to conform to the stereotype. The lightening of skin that is going on in 9ja ia better seen than heard…again, the society is to be blamed because accolades are mostly pour on fair girls than dark…there was a time someone advised me to lightening up my skin a bit that my face was too dark in a popular entertainment blog, i ignored that person and someone replied her to leave me alone… You see, we are our own worst enemy! Go to some places and see the type of ladies employed, esp in the marketing department… Fair, Why? The answer is quite obvious.
    Black, kinky hair is seen as razz by some people within our own black community…so why blame other races for their prejudiced opinion?…I am not a pro or anti naturalist , I believe you should do what suits your hair and face… I like braids but because I have a receeding frontal hair line, I stick to low cut because the more I braid or plait cornrow, or twist, the more the hair recede. Sometimes I put on wigs to have a different look…but I like my low cut more.
    Until humans learn that GOD created beauty in all shades of color, this ‘bad belle’ amongst races will never stop. Simply do you. I believe every woman is beautiful esp when she has access to all the orishirishi make up tricks and surgery all these celebrities have…talking about celebrities, I don’t understand the ‘ worshipping mode’ of some fans…if no be internet I dey see dem, wetin concin me,…Kai! I don write post comment vex. …I always do this whenever a topic strikes a chord in me…I can now get update from your blog..what did you do so I can Abiola because I have same problem with her blog.
    Have a fun filled weekend.

    • oh i would probably be giving Donald trump a run for his Money for every time someone has told me im too dark! surprisingly, ive never been offended by it, just curious as to why i should consider changing my Skin Color! no judgment to those that do, but when i am old and wrinkly, i would ba having too much fun pulling their Skin and watching it disintegrate!!! lol mean eh?
      abeg dont apologize jor, u know i loooooove reading your Long comments! and im not sure what was done as i leave all the technical wahala to the Mr. and not sure who abiola is. maybe u mean Clara? her full Name is abiola? i had no idea! lol

  • anonymous

    Oh dear….I completely understand you. Its tough topic and it seems like whatever you say to people basically bounces off their skin in respect to loving one’s self. I just read about Bruce Jenner transitioning to a woman and as much as we preach do you, it clashes with the term love your skin. Now its inspiring to come out of the closet as a famous person and encourage other homosexuals, its inspiring to talk about being transgender to vivw hope to other people who are afraid to get bold. What happened to learning to love the skin you were born in? What happened to inspirations that encourage education, love, kindness, staying away from negative influence etc. My comment may seem like I’m totally against the lgbt community but when kids as young as 7 are getting their parents to let them change their sex, its disturbing. The world we live in now is slowing taking away the idea of childhood

    • yeah i get that. i am trying myself to stop judging People on their life choices because no one except them understand their struggles, but if we all learn to appreciate what life dealt us, then we wont be having struggles in the first place. at least, not the sort of artificial struggles….if i can call it that… we read about. i too recently read about the jenner Transition and as much as i found it odd, i guess he wants to live the rest of his life in a way that suits him

  • Cara Siskova

    Omg!! True and true and true. And can I say again how much I love your writing!

    You got me indignant at the unfairness of it all, and giggling at the ridiculousness of it all as well. LOLing about undisclosed clinic and doctors with names we cannot pronounce… so true!

    We must love ourselves chaa. Whether we like it or not this is the body we have been given for this life. Why not appreciate and love it for the wonder it is. And learn to see beyond the physical and touch souls with each other…

    Excellent rant, ahem, write-up! Hehe. Love it dear.

    Cara @

    • hi Cara!!!! yeah i did laugh myself after reading my draft lol! thank you for the Kind words! Exactly my point. this truly is our reality and if we decide to go all drastic just to proove a Point, what does that say about who we really are. we talk daily about learning to look beyond physical appearance and try to understand what lies beneath but are we really doing that? i think not!

  • La Deutsche Diva


    I feel you. I’m tired of people. They just don’t get it and I’m also getting tired of us having cultural styles that only get seen as trendy when white people or white looking people do it. It irks me.

    It also irks me when we do things like wearing our hair straight, or trying to even out or skin tone to get an even one (not bleaching) it’s called self hating, but when white people get perms to make their hair curly, tan, get butt lifts, breast implants, nose jobs it’s not considered self hating. So I can’t flat iron my hair or wear a wig because that means I hate myself? Oh ok.

    Great post! Loved it!

    Gruß und Kuss,

    La Deutsche Diva

    • So true! I mean why should I be called a self hating black woman because I choose to wear a straight wig or dye my hair blond? A Caucasian or other race puts on braids (Bo Derek anyone) its cool and not self hating? Because you think her race is superior to mine? They go all botox and its a trend? Why?

  • New Dawn.

    No she is not clara. This is her link.

    • Oh. Ok. I don’t remember visiting her blog but will do so again.

  • Julie

    Try being mixed, though. Sometimes you’ll get the impression that a) you don’t belong anywhere and b) nobody likes you.
    It’s all just a load of crap, really. Yet I somehow envy these Kardashian-type of people. Not because of their looks, but because of how they managed to take advantage of the foolishness most people seem to be infected with. All while being not the brightes candle on the birthday cake.

    • They did take advantage didn’t they lol and can you blame them? I don’t!
      its ironic in a way tho. Mixed raced kids while I was growing up usually had things easily handed to them on a gold platter. Try being very dark, ugly and ignorant! Lol no contest of course but why should people be judged by the color of their skin oder?

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