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[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he fickleness (forgive the lack of a much better adjective) of the human mind can be so mind boggling, it makes you start to question what’s wrong and what’s not wrong. The quick way life is disregarded based on race, culture and whatever crap is out there to segregate us makes you start to doubt your own sanity!

Recently, the world has been buzzing over Mr Jenner’s new gender and it has been bothering me. What you say? Not his decision to become a woman at 65, but the different responses from people. What the media is tossing into our faces, forcing you to support him, calling him brave and when you offer your opinion( OK let’s be honest, some opinions are just wayyyyyy too much!)that is against his decision, you are labelled closed minded and his supporters judge you and call you every kind of name in the book plus the ones not writable!

The transgender community has been there long before Mr Jenner proclaimed his obsession. Why his move is called brave is beyond me. He was an athletic hero so what?

The young boy who was bullied all his life cos of his preference but still went on and did his surgery, why isn’t he brave? The gay young man who finally got the courage to inform his family isn’t brave? The lesbian who broke her mum’s heart with the news that she won’t be having kids isn’t brave?

The transgender people making a huge difference in a world that still truly doesn’t understand them aren’t called brave.

The cancer patient who chose to let her baby live isn’t brave? The security guard at the bank or the police officer who every morning kisses his wife and kids goodbye knowing he may not come home but still goes to work isn’t brave?

They don’t get a blazillion followers or magazine spreads to get approval from strangers or start a TV series to satisfy a stupid media culture with the utmost disregard for humanity.

If you aren’t on the band wagon of people supporting idiocy then you are the devil. If you voice your opinion which is opposite to what the media is shoving out, you get trampled on and that’s the way it is!

Being a woman isn’t all about big boobs, red cleavage popping gowns, front cover debut and all that superficial nonsense that makes us objects of desire.

Whatever reason he came up with is entirely his problem and that of his family to deal with. Turning the internet into an evil boxing ring because of his supposedly brave decision and creeping out my news feed isn’t helping anyone…me inclusive.

The world is full of brave people, people unknown, people no one cares about, people doing great and wonderful things. Shouldn’t we be celebrating them instead?

If (and that’s a big if)Mr Jenner’s decision was purely based on his true feeling then he shouldn’t be advertising it like it’s some miraculous change because it simply isn’t.

Do I agree with his becoming a woman now? My opinion means nothing because we don’t know each other. I don’t understand the transgender community or even want to but that doesn’t make me or them bad. They are people just like me, they bleed, they piss, they poop and they do everything normal.

Am I judgmental? Maybe I am or not but the fact is my opinion or anyone else’s doesn’t matter because we do not know these people personally and have no say whatsoever in the changes they choose to make.

Some of the coolest people are transgender but don’t you dare say it’s the same thing with being a real woman because it is not. Plain and simple.

Me? I’m celebrating my brave sister who despite all odds, is the best mom ever, I’m celebrating Gorgeousness who despite my weirdness, is brave with his love towards me, I’m celebrating the woman who would hold down her pea sized faith in God, praying and believing in the miracle of being a mother some day. I am celebrating the true brave people out there whose name I do not know.

If you know anyone, transgender or not,making true impact, please celebrate them.



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