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15 Für 15: Ja, Ich Bin Eine Schöne Frau

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]irst of all, lemme just say, I am no beauty blogger. I wouldn’t even know how to get on that wagon if my life depended on it!

But I’ve been totally psyched about trying out make up and I think I’m on my way to becoming a lipstick junkie. My eyebrow game though isn’t doing very well but hey, that’s OK!

So this is my first attempt at talking beauty with the challenge since I promised myself I would give it a go. I look back on old photos and as I compare them to recent ones, I realise I’m def trying my best at this girlyfication and the shocker of all is that I actually enjoy it. Practicing heels (which I have to add is not doing very good cos I’m a sneaker gal)isn’t all that bad either. Gorgeousness got me a nice pair of platforms from H/M and I dig them a lot so more Praktikum with those babies!

I joined a make up group on Facebook but for some reason I’m slowly loosing my love for the network as all the new updates drive me bonkers. So it’s all back to square one now. I also follow a makeup junkie on twitter but she seems to be doing weird shout outs for pages I’m not interested in and they flood my feed so that gets tiring.

But hey, that’s not stopping me at all. Below are a few of my stash I have slowly been gathering and summer is def the best time to practice!

Now on to hair! Ever since starting a care routine for my hair, I have learned to get my own hair done by myself and it’s amazing….plus cheap! Yup I’m the friendly neighborhood cheapskate and I’m not afraid to step into a sales zone either! And when I say sales zone I mean 5€ dresses from Pimkie, H/M, Tally W, etc. I would damn well shove anyone in my way!

I’ve done the crochet, I’ve used kinky braids(which I plan to go back to) and ive installed sew ins myself. Now I’m on a wool twists path! I basically do my deep conditioning treatments usw and then tuck strands into braids the next day. I carry them for two weeks maybe three if I’m not quickly bored. But I’m hoping to start keeping them for four weeks so I spend less time on my own hair.

So that’s about it for me….hair, make up and Angebote Geschäfte…with this post anyways. Who knows when the next one would be written? Not ich!

Aber ich finde kosmetik total schön! Oh bald kommt Sommer und Ferien von der Schule. Sechs Wochen denke ich aber ich muss viel lesen weil meine Prüfung nach der Ferien ist. Also ich werde ein Einbürgerungstest auch schreiben. Der gleiche Tag aber ich muss sage, dass deutschen Politik ist ganz straight forward. Man braucht 17 Punkte für diesem Test, so wish me luck! I don’t plan to write it twice!


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