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15 Für 15: Alle Menschen Sind Ausländer…Fast Überall

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his weekend officially begins my Sommer Ferien and I’m not overly excited because the weather has not been as warm. Yes I’m all for the cold days as winter is my favourite time of the year but having to not put on jackets, scarves and fur lined boots just for a few weeks isn’t too much to ask for oder?

Anyways, for two weeks now, I’ve been attending a quick orientierungskurs towards writing the Einbürgerungstest which basically completes my integration….on paper anyways. We are basically learning about the different ways the system works politically and of course the history and as tough as it sounds, it’s actually interesting.

I thought that it would be weird talking about Hitler’s regime but interestingly not so much is discussed about him. Just basic knowledge of the years he ruled and what party he governed under.

So generally, we are learning about the country’s history, culture, specific dates and foreign relationships and I actually find the class fascinating. Sure I get confused sometimes with all that Bundes everything you are bound to come across so very often aber I would say that the class sort of gives me an insight into how politics works. Of course it’s different with every country but the basics are the same.

I find myself comparing German politics with Nigerian and American politics. Oh and yesterday we compared the social system and I didn’t know India was a welfare country so when Maddie mentioned it I thought that wasn’t true. She probably didnt understand what welfare meant in German words. So off to the Web I went. I mean I know how popular abject poverty in India is so why would she say that right?

Turns out she was right only problem being poverty is extreme and corruption also plays a huge role with hindering the welfare system plus the caste system that works in India. And I find this really ironic because apparently, the world’s third richest man is in India and around the world, Indians are famous for success in both medical and engineering fields.

So I have to say that integration helps increase your knowledge not just of the country you have made your home but others as well from a personal perspective and this I believe is because of the other students from other parts of the world, sharing their knowledge with the class.

What do I plan to do once I’m done officially integrating? I do not know for sure. There are a ton of choices and I’m not in any rush. This year I had set aside to complete my integration and I’m very glad I can check it off my list even before the last month of the year. I did however register with coursera to take an online course in project management and another that has to do with working in a food and beverage sector. I would probably do a few more to end the year graciously and maybe toss in sewing classes too. There’s also a huge stable close by so I may apply for a job there, who knows, I just may find working with horses to be exhilarating!

Bottom line, I’m slowly but surely achieving the small goals I had mentally set and it’s incredible because whenever I write goals down, I never complete them. Ha!

So, do I think integrating is important? Damn straight! You want to live in another countty, you better be willing to integrate cos it doesn’t just help the state, it gives you a better chance at life as a foreigner.

What was it Angela Merkel said to the Turkish Zeitung? “Ohne gute Deutschkenntnisse kann Integration nicht gelingen. Nur wer eine gute Ausbildung und gute Deutschkenntnisse hat, hat alle Chancen, in unserer Gesellschaft integriert zu sein.”

You heard it from Queen Bee herself. Help yourself so that helping you would be cakes and ice cream!

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  • Honiilols

    …and she’s a writer too. Am I surprised, nah but she speaks another language. Now tats just amazing!

    I’m happy you are making progress with your goals, slowly but surely. Best wishes with your integration with the nationals 😉

    • Hahaha thank you Honilols. I never thought I would learn another language but it’s been fun and challenging too but hey,

  • La Deutsche Diva

    Great article! I’m living vicariously through you. I actually signed up for some courses on coursera too but basically forgot about them, between work, job, blog, personal goals and stressors, it’s so hard to keep up! Time management is not joke.


    La Deutsche Diva — The Denglisch Blog
    German on top | English on the bottom

    • Haha ich auch. I started a course in fashion and luxury but I haven’t gone past the first phase. I’m hoping it’s cause I didn’t start with everyone else. Friday I begin the project mgt thingy!

      • hahaha I started the same course! Is it called Managing Fashion and Luxury companies? I made myself pay for the verified certificate so I feel compelled to pass it ($49) plus it is an “at your pace” no deadline but the sooner I get it over with the better. The more I get into the Fashion industry, the more I realize I know absolutely NOTHING about. I feel like the Devil Wears Prada needs to be in my DVD collection. HAHAHAHA


        La Deutsche Diva — The Denglisch Blog
        German on top | English on the bottom

  • Duru John de Beloved

    Ooooosshheeey Turn uP!.. I mean ehn Egbon! I never ever ever ever inshort ever x 20… knew the true value of google Translate till i met you.. and the ghen ghen thing is that you most times hide the ghen ghen kernel of the gist in German **Winks.. Ya just frosh like that biko.. **Wears Mr. Nigeria smile…. Okayyyy that being said.. Yyyyyyaayyy.. It would be mega awesome to have you work at a stable eh! Lmao.. as i read that line ehhhnn.. You trust my confused mind nah… I immediately imagined an Instagram picSHur of ye standing next to a horse with them high Boots on and jean on.. Not leaving out them CowBoy hats eh! hhehe and teh crowd goes.. YyyeeeHaaaa.. Lmao! That kind thing na.. You know like The Good the Bad and the Ugly (the Movie).. **Winks…

    That being said.. I always wonder how life is in a foreign land.. or wait! that didint come out welll.. Lemme re-phrase.. I always wonder How life is in a NON-ENGLISH speaking land.. I mean common Abuja that I went and everyone was speaking Hausa to me (Inclusive of the Driver that didnt know where ShopRite was… hence was asking me for Directions in Hausa.. me! Stranger me! in Hausa oh!)… mmmeehhnnnn Phoenix… It literally made me run mad.. heheheh On a scale of 1 -10 eh Ausserehl.. the huge value and necessity of Integrating properly into a new society is 11/10 not even 10/10…

    Nice one Egbon.. Yyyyyyyyaaagggaaa.. We almost at the end of the challenge ba…. Some posts more yeah.. and the challenge is over.. 🙂 **Dancing… I will race you to the end.. **Winks… 🙂

    P.S: Happy July Egbon.. may the ghen-ghenNESS that wihh come with this month be one that will bring all your dreams to life.. Please do me a favor Egbon.. Please smile.. Cause thats the only reason I am here… OShey! See me going all Romeo and Juliet on thee.. heheheh **Runs away.. No Scratch that!! **Disappears away.. hehehehe Cheers…

    • Lmao! You! Duru! Words fail me when it come to describing what an amazing human being you are. But yes! Months ago, the Google translator was my BFF aber jetzt kann ich selbst sprechen und verstanden! Except words I haven’t heard before lol
      as for the stable, I’m seriously considering sending in my resume! Esp after this your cowboy visions!
      hausa ke? Lmao! I had that happen to me when I served in lagos, but yoruba and since the only words I know are ole buruku, ekaro and ejor it was usually a mad house but yeah, it sort of still happens with German. I’m still getting the hang of it so when they speak very fast, I get lost and just say, Echt? Warum? And ok! Lol
      but it’s great being able to speak another language I tell you!
      almost at the end indeed! At a point I stopped keeping track of my posts, I just put one up when the mood strikes! See you at the finish line my wonderful friend! And thank you for the prayers! Don’t disappear, come back and pray some more!

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