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Ein Kurzer Urlaub

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]ook a short trip to city of London and I was totally excited. Not just cos it was my first trip to this ever busy city, but I was also going to meet up with my sister who I hadn’t seen in almost two years!

We spent hours of the three days I was there roaming Oxford Street and Westminster munching on Belgien waffles and ice cream. It was great and I miss her so much! So yes I had great fun in London and look forward to going back, this time with Gorgeousness!

These are a few of the tons of photos I scored and I’m still sorting the rest out. Sadly, I didn’t get to see Buckingham palace but it’s Def on my tourist list….


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  • New Dawn.

    I can see you enjoyed your 3 days visit. Sisters are awesome. You have window teeth! I like it so much!

    I have been admiring those bangles in your pictures… I am very much interested to buy matching set of earrings, bangles and hair band for my daughters. Let me know how we can do it . You are creative. And still thanking you for the hairpieces you sent for my birthday. My daughters are rocking them.

    p.s I still don’t get reply-comment in my box!

    • Oh yes I so did NittyG! It was so great to see her and lol I’m kinda loving the “window teeth” myself!
      oooooh! My first blog order! Yay! Thanks for saying so and I figured your girls will use them that’s why I sent more than one! Will email you and we talk. I’m still working on fixing up the blog’s market place! Thank you

  • chrissy

    you seem to be living the life!good to know u enjoyed london!.next time youu visit please take loads of pictures for us!! 🙂

    • Yes I am! And oh I so did! London is an amazing place

  • La Deutsche Diva

    I’m soooo jelly! London looks like fun. I’ve never been but this makes me want to go.


    La Deutsche Diva — The Denglisch Blog
    German on top | English on the bottom

    • You should and it’s OK to be jelly!!!!

  • Duru John de Beloved

    Hiya Egbon.. Please can you read this post.. I would like to know your view on on it.. Please Egbon.. Please… I beg you…

  • I checked it out and much as I like to stay away from that topic, I just couldn’t resist commenting. The choice is and should always only be the mother. No one else’s

  • Really lovely photos of the city. Best wishes!

    • Thank you

    • Anonymous

      They really are

  • Phoenix

    Thank you

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