Kein Dieb Zone!

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]ummer officially begins! Well, a few days ago! And as much as I enjoy stepping out without jackets, scarves and winter boots, I totally hate the huge flies that buzz into the flat when you aren’t looking (yes they sneak in) and Gorgeousness keeps expecting me to break stuff as I swipe at the little buggers. Luckily, the Schwiegermutter gave us stuff to combat that and I’m happy to announce, no more flies!

Anyways, so today, something extremely annoying happened to yours truly. I went window shopping at Peek And Cloppenburg and I decided check out the shoes section of H/M and found this very lovely pair of black flat platforms and guess what, 7€! I also saw a pretty jumpsuit for 5€…well the price tag said 5 but getting to the counter, der verkaufer said it was a wrong tagging. Sadly, I had to put it back cos 35€ I didn’t have in my wallet!

So, here’s the annoying but funny part of my tale. I’m walking out of the store and the alarm goes off. I didn’t budge cos I didn’t think for a second the beeping was caused by me after all, I paid for my shoes. I take the one hour bus ride back (long story) and getting home, I try on my shoes again and guess what? The security tags were smiling at me! Go back to a shopping mall 30 minutes away from where I live to get one pair of 7€ merchandise untagged? Nope. I figured I would go back when I have a good reason to but then figured I look online for a faster option and yup! Found one.

Now, this post is in way meant to encourage shop lifting. So if you are a thief, inno, dieb, onye oshi, reading this, know one thing: the popo will get you!

The purpose of this post is to help anyone that ever finds themself in my exact situation. So what was my appliance in shining armour? Pliers!

Took me less than 5 minutes to get the two off my beautiful cheap sandals!


And that’s it folks! The story of how a little tool from Gorgeousness‘s box saved the day!


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