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[dropcap]S[/dropcap]aturday basically recorded one of the hottest days in so long. It was practically 40° and rising! Not that I’m complaining of course. It’s what we see on the daily in Nigeria so I’m used to the heat. Gorgeousness however, was loving none of it!

Mein Lieber kann nicht in Nigeria leben! But then again, when you get used to something, it becomes a part of you oder? Maybe one week in my village, no electricity, no clean water for miles, no nice bed and of course no Internet would toughen him up! Although, it just might be cakes and ice cream for him seeing as he lived as a scout when he was younger!

Anyways, today got me thinking about black history after watching the movie Selma. I realised I knew very little about American history especially as Gorgeousness had better knowledge of the Selma history than I did. It got me thinking that black history should be taught in Nigerian schools.

How does he know so much? It’s taught in German schools. Now this I can totally understand because of the whole WWII history of America being part of the allies that helped build Germany after Hitler’s regime. Someone I know believes it’s OK to not learn about American history in Nigerian schools cos it is a different continent and what they did isn’t our business and this I completely don’t agree with. Sure as she explained, we have our own history to learn about so black or white history isn’t our problem.

Well, I do agree when she says tagging history isn’t important, after all, our skin color, race, etc makes no never mind, what we did does. But watching Selma, seeing how Martin Luther King Jr appealed to everyone to stand up and march for justice regardless of skin color puts your mind into a totally different perspective about the human race in general. What does it say about who we are when we see something wrong happening but bask in ignorance because we either are afraid to be treated the same way or we just don’t care? Do we need to be called out? Do we need to justify our prejudiced behaviours when we turn our backs on fellow human beings that need us to join a fight for freedom?

We all know that for freedom to take effect, lives must be lost. It’s a sad truth and freedom is gotten by the people who are brave enough and willing to give their lives so that the future will be possible. So shouldn’t their story be told? Shouldn’t we be given the knowledge to understand the struggle a people long before us went through to make today’s world possible?

Should it matter what part of the world you live in? Who you are or what you hope to achieve can be defined by the bravery of someone else, living or long dead.

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  • That looks really nice. And freedom is everything, and the brave will do anything possible to have it. History is filled with acts of braveness from men and women in that regard.

    • ChincoBee

      Awwwwww duru I see you!!!!tanks tanx tanx

      I have checked the blog out and still checking!!!

  • Thank you, made it myself! And I totally agree when you say the brave would do anything to get freedom.These acts of braveness makes all the difference

  • Amusu Mobolaji

    I love the bangles…I also make ankara fabrics and I think this is amazing. Nice

    • really? would love to see your work!! and thank you for the compliment

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    Please check her out Egbon.. Pretty please.. aYam begging you in the name of Ankara too oh! **Wears Puppy begi begi face.. 🙂 xx

  • I haven’t seen the movie, but have heard mixed reviews. Every time I see a movie about slavery or the historical Jim Crow/Civil Rights era (as well as the era that follows) it angers me a litte. It angers me to know that even though these are very real events which drive the tension and the stereotypes held by white people against black people, they still don’t see these things as outrageous. I feel the fact that no one wants to have a conversation about what happened and acknowledge how horrible it is, is what perpetuates the ignorance. I don’t care what anyone says, people are constantly saying black people should let go of the past and move on. That’s the thing, Martin Luther King did not let go of the past to change the present, neither did Malcolm X or Marcus Garvey. They understood where they were coming from and it gave them a very clear picture of where we need to go. I think the problem is that people are so comfortable with their lives and their priviledge that any threat to that (acknolweding the disparity in treatment of minorities here in the US), gets them so upset so the make these counter claims such as “we are pulling the race card” and other bogus allegations to invalidate our concerns and our viewpoint.

    It’s similar to the word “golddigger”. I’ve noticed a lot of men pulling that word out to make you feel a certain way and invalidate your expectation of them paying for a date in order to treat you like a lady. I strongly dislike when people try to get you to feel a certain way or try to invalidate your claims or expectations simply because it inconveniences them to treat you the way you should be treated.

    That’s what it boils down to.


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  • mixed Reviews? really? i thought it was pretty much self explanatory regarding the time in history and what happened. the man who played Martin Luther was incredible but i totally understand the whole Point of non black Folks not getting the idea behind our racial cries. ist okay to live in the bubble that shields you from what another Person is going thru and you will never truly understand it and you grumble about why they are grumbling about certain things. i read an article on a certain blog talking about kim kardashian and how she faces racism against her kid. she never understood it or even cared much about the plight of black Folks fighting for complete freedom until she had her mixed race Baby. in my opinion, you certainly do not Need to experience it to Support it. ist like saying you dont support rape victims until you yourself fall a victim.

  • Hiya Egbon! i am reading About these guys Sebo! they do Just what you do… How are you Egbon?! I am sorrry for being a Noise maker **Covers face.. I just Want to keep pushing us as far as we can go! All of us.. here goes.. Oya Bye Bye..

    • Will check them out lieber and never apologize for being you

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