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15 Für 15: Vergewaltigung ist kein Grund

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] am usually the first to say everything positive about Integration and how it is a fundamental concept. But sometimes, it feels like all the doors to a smooth Integration just gets shut in your face.

Never mind me though, I’m just slightly ranting but on a greater note, I’ve decided to make use of my library card this summer. I’m done with week one of the coursera so ist time to face my deutsch books and get some history lessons and living words in.

Jedoch , I heard the news on the radio about how School Administrations are imploring female students to stop wearing short shorts to School. Now this I totally agree with cos good gawd, who the bloody hell started the short shorts trend? Ist totally not nice at all. Who needs to see parts of your buttocks when you aren’t any where close to a beach or a Schwimmbad? But my anger isn’t that they want students to stop wearing said attire, but the why. The reason being that it helps to discourage rape especially with the refugees coming into the country plus the Moslems.

In my opinion, rape has nothing to do with what you are wearing. You can put on the most dreadful sack and look like a scholarly mam and a man would still try to rape you if he is an animal.

In Nigeria when women are raped, 99% of the time, they have on Jeans sweeping the floors and tshirts fit for humpty dumpty but as ignorant as a lot of people are, they associate rape with mode of dressing which is completely wrong. Take India for example. The high percentage of rape should tell you that it is more about control and of course ignorant animal behaviour than what the victim has on.

Like i said, I completely agree with Schools encouraging better dress sense since we know teenagers would drive you bonkers and whose mum lets her leave the house in drawers calling them Jeans? Good lawd, in Nigeria you won’t even dare. The fear of what your mum would do to your skin would drive the thought away. Don’t get me wrong, there are ppl who have succeeded where others have failed but at a point you have to look yourself in the mirror. Yes it is warm and sticky and everyone should wear a bikini, but hey no one is.

But don’t bloody tell me I shouldn’t put on what I want to so I don’t innocently tempt an idiotic animal to not rape me because he can see a mound of flesh from my chest or a peek of butt cheek. Why should looking there bring on ideas of rape?

If religious fanatics, christians and Moslems alike do not like the culture of a Country they are hoping to integrate into, it is very simple, leave to another place that can contain your beliefs without forcing it on others. Don’t come in here to make life uncomfortable for the locals because you can’t deal with their ways. It is wrong and completely unfair.

There simply should be no reason why rape would be condoned. It is a man’s world does not mean his brain has to ruled by his penis.

On brighter notes, I may be attending my first event. It’s nothing fancy but I’m all hyped about it cos I get to introduce my handmade accessories!

Plus a lot of make up tips shall be shared. Ich habe keine Ahnung wie man make up kann aber nichts kann mich stoppen! Ich werde mehr weiblich sein!

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