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Kölner Zoo Erfahrung

[dropcap]L[/dropcap]ast weekend, Gorgeousness took me on a surprise date!!! I kept asking for tips on where exactly we were going but he wasn’t dishing. I even threathened to not go but of course that didn’t fly!

Imagine my euphoria on getting to our destination! The Kölner Zoo! I have never ever been to a zoo. If my parents took me as a kid, I do not remember and I very much doubt they did cos we would have photos as evidence! I was like a child in a candy store and couldn’t contain my excitement at seeing all the animals you read about in books right in front of me.

We were at the Rhino pen and I’m wondering out loud about the scars on ist skin and some older guy looked at me with all smiles and asked the question that I have come to regard as cliched: You never saw Rhinos in Africa? Eeerm, dude, contrary to popular beliefs, we do not have wild animals running amock on our streets. They are called wild for a reason. No I didn’t say all that to him. I was too happy to get mad at blatant ignorance.

I do however wonder about people taking Safari trips just to see the wild animals in their comfort zone or as I like to say these days, Heimatland. I guess the thrill counts for something. Anyways, it was an amazing experience for me and I totally loved it.

Twas the best date ever. I was tired and hungry but I was just too darn happy to bother about food and water. These are the photos I was able to get. For some reason I lost the first few shots from my camera and I do not know why. And sadly, my batteries emptied out at the Aquarium section.

Would I go to the zoo again? Duh!


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