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Bitte, Nicht Mehr….

When I started noticing the fashion industry in Nigeria, one thing struck me as odd.

A lot of designers debuting their seasonal designs called it “spring/summer” …. and this bothered me because we do not have these seasons. Sure Nigeria is basically a very hot country and the heat which can get up to 44°c can take you down. But if I recall, we basically have only two seasons which are the dry and rainy seasons, throw in the harmattan (CT airmass) days and that’s it.

Now I get that we are morphing onto the world stage of fashion but if I have learned anything since going natural, it is that being different is not always bad. These seasonal releases are exactly what they are…..seasonal.

So ok, a brand can’t create new designs during the dry season and announce “we are introducing our #dry/harmattan collection cos yeah, good luck trying to sell those! But let’s think for a second. We claim we want to promote our culture and show the brilliance of our people to the world and yet we are getting lost in their own culture, integrating into this international community and forgetting who we are. So the ankara fabric has broken the boundaries yes but we can enforce more, right? So, I’m here waiting for Nigerian designers debuting in Nigeria to cut that crap out, if it hasn’t already been cut.

Second crap to be cut out is Nigerian bloggers in Nigeria putting up winter posts. Winter make up, winter hair ideas, winter and spring fashion looks etc. Now I don’t have problems with caring for your skin seasonally but it would be great to read posts that give tips on dealing with the accurate Nigerian weather. Yellowsisi for example has great tips on maintaining natural hair in the crazy heat and this is one of the reasons I follow her. She is totally true to her surroundings in terms of being Nigerian and natural, and she is not in anyway shy about preaching to you about being a natural Nigerian. So if I’m checking posts and it’s raining like crazy or the heat is unbearable and you talk about winter lip routine, be rest assured you aren’t going to be seeing me on your blog. Not that it would change the price of palm wine but hey….

Speaking of rain, anyone else wonder why wellingtons aren’t a necessity in Nigeria? The rain can be bloody upsetting plus the drainage system especially in a place like Lagos is totally non existent. So when the gutters are over pouring and you are walking from the bus stop to your destination (I say bus stop here cos this has happened to me countless times when I lived in that crazy beautiful city), those wellies would come in very handy. Your feet and legs are safe from whatever crap is swimming in said rain water plus you get to not have wet feet! Hmmm, would be cool if a runway show debuting outfits for the rainy season had its models in wellies!

Bicycles are supposed to be a great idea in Nigeria. OK so some motorways just don’t cut it plus some drivers basically took lessons from the king of hell and the roads in Nigeria are not bicycle friendly or that the country itself isn’t bike friendly because even parking your car at a parkplatz is no guarantee of safety so a bike would easily get stolen. But if you really thought about it, a country like Nigeria where the fuel scarcity can happen in the blink of an eye, where the public transport system is completely stupid, owning a bike could come in handy. While in school I remember seeing a student who used to ride a bike to school daily and boy was I jelly. Not only was it cool, plus earth friendly, he was saving tons on bus rides (not that these buses are cool like the German buses of course) and the drama of using the transport system.

Then there is the free education. Have you ever been to a public school that was actually free? If no, you should try it. Total crap. The teachers are not willing to do any teaching, the students have no interest whatsoever in learning and it is just a big messy bowl of crap.

I get that these things may seem petty to think about when there are far worse things happening. But hell, petty or not, I can still talk about them.

So, ich möchte diesen Beitrag auch auf deutsch schreiben aber mein tablet hat kein deutsch tastatur so ich werde viele Fehler machen. Und das mag ich nicht. Aber was ich oben geschrieben habe ist nur über das Land Nigeria und was ich denke soll sein. Stimmt, hat der welt viele probleme und Manchmal sind alles was ich geschrieben habe nicht wichtig. Jedoch ist es meine meinung.

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