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Entdeckungen: Briten In Köln

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen I first visited Germany, I noticed this sweet corner shop just off the lane of Schildergassestr but I never had the chance to check it out cos it was always either too early or too late.

Last weekend, I got to check it out after a lunch date with Gorgeousness and it was incredible. I was like a woman in a huge library with the choice of one book! Everything was soooooooo English and it was beautiful. I felt completely at home inside that shop and glad I got to visit it cos now I know where to go for a bit of British biscuits!

I actually expected the store rep to be English but I think he is German which of course makes sense. Still, it’s a totally small and beautiful store for almost all your British needs. I say almost cos I didn’t see a few things I was craving!

The store is a bit hidden but there are signs that basically lead you to it. And the path between the Galleria and O2 is where you will find these signs. Oh dear, I hope it was O2! (Will make certain on my next visit and update this).


Ich weiß, dass nicht viele Menschen in Deutschland Englisch sprechen können aber diesen Beitrag ist nicht nur für Ausländern, sondern jemanden wem englische Dinge mögen! Manchmal gibt es etwas wie British Lebensmittel, dass wir kaufen möchten aber man kann es nicht im lokalgeschäft finden! Oder jemand fliegt nach Großbritannien und immer fragen wir: Bitte kannst du etwas in London für mich kaufen? Ja, dass nervt! Also das Geschäft liegt in der Nähe von Schildergassestr zwischen Galleria und anderen laden. Es ist nicht groß aber so viel haben sie ja rein! Englische Kekse, Wein, Pop tarts, souvenir, Flagge Tassen, Kekse Schachteln, Zeitungen und viele mehr! Mögt ihr etwas englische? Geht ihr dann rein!

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  • What deliciousness, oh my!

  • Since when is Pop Tarts English??? I thought that was American created crap (you know how we love our fructose corn syrup). I recognize nothing else except Budweiser and Dr. Pepper, both of which I don’t drink. This is interesting because we have German and “English” stores here. Being in this area there are a lot of latin stores as well (namely Cuban but also Mexican, Puerto Rican, Dominican, etc). It’s so funny when I go in these stores, I expect them to speak English. But I also expect the African Shops in Germany to have African things…but African Shops in Germany are more like what we consider to be beauty supply stores here (weaves, hair conditioners, shampoos, relaxers, lotions, dyes, etc). At least all the ones I’ve been to.


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    • Really? Right from my secondary school days, I always associated pop tarts with England really! All those british pop and teen mags were packed with references to pop tarts! Actually, all the afro stores ive been to stock african things not just beauty supplies. Where do you think we get our afro food items from!!! Most times, Asian stores also carry african merchandise and yes I fully expected the Verkäufer to speak english. Haha!

      • I guess I learned something new. I didn’t know Pop Tarts were English but then I didn’t know Burger King was English too.

        The Afro food items must be in the way way back because every Afro Shop I’ve been to has been more like a beauty supply. I’ll be sure to go in the back back back of the shop and scope out the African stuff. lol


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        • I don’t know that they are English. Quite possibly they are originally American as we know how y’all like sugary crap! But my first experience with pop tarts were British that’s why I naturally assumed they are English. But then, the store also sells American products too so…Burger king is English? Ich hatte keine Ahnung! Lol surprisingly, 3 of the 4 afro stores i have been to, keep hair products waaaaay back!

          • I’ve been to no Afro shops in Köln only in Bonn as far as that part of Germany goes. Most of the African shops I’ve been in, were the south of Germany where more of the military bases were. Seeing as all the black American women were looking for product and weave, that might be why they kept that in the front of the store or why a lot of the African shop seemed to be more like beauty supply stores. You can’t take us anywhere! lol jk everywhere we go hair & beauty.

    • Nityy

      I also thought so, Clara, didn’t know Pop tarts was English snack.

      • Ahhh, the debate! They are a kellog brand abi? And that’s not clara!

  • Nitty

    I just came from facebook where all these stuff were grouped as C.R.A.P.

    Carbonated drinks.
    Refined sugar.
    Artificial flavours.
    Processed foods.

    But, we still indulge our habits. ahahaha.

    • We still gotta! Lol moderation right? Everything is crap, at least, the peta group will tell you meat is bad for you!

  • Yyyyyyaaaaayyy I see Alcohol 🙂 #TeamLarger **Winks

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