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15 Für 15: Beruflich

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]o, the Summer holidays are officially over. Classes began last Wednesday and I was totally eager to attend.


Been in doors basically the whole season. Sure the occasional trips into town and church but suffice to say, I’m glad to get out of the flat.

It’s almost two years I began attending language classes and I’m pretty much confident in my speech ability. I try to practice german every chance I get and it has been fun.

The steps I need to take to join the work force however, have been freaking me out. Maybe cos I have stayed at home for too long and I get panic attacks thinking of getting a job. It scares me shitless and that fear got me seriously searching for openings in the weekly Zeitung that comes in the posts. A lot of the offers I see are either in faraway cities or I need some kind of Ausbildung to even apply.

The idea was to go ahead with the next language level but I need to get practicing in the real world cos the class room isn’t going to help me with real life situations. But now, I have decided a job would be the best option…to face my fear and also get better with my speech.

Most of the offers involve tedious work I’m not cut out for right now and no matter how bored I am, I ain’t budging!

Every week day, as I kiss Gorgeousness on his way to work, I sometimes wish we were walking out the door together. But right now, I need to get my B1 Prüfung zeugnis before I can even get a termin at the Arbeitsamt. Which is where I need to go to find out what my options are regarding job search and possibilities of an Ausbildung. Child care has been on my mind right beneath teaching but with me needing my transcript from university which I didn’t come with,(administrative drama) it is going to be a tough call. Because I need either that or my secondary school transcript depending on what I end up doing.

So all the questions I have will hopefully be answered, explained and more options provided at the Arbeitsamt.

I may be totally afraid to join the German work force but I have to get into the swing of things. I’m quick to say that as an Ausländer, you never fully integrate, but the little steps one takes makes all the difference.

Also, ich habe gedacht, dass die Herausforderung nur auf englisch geschrieben wird. Weil es über integration ist. So es macht Sinn oder. Jedoch werde ich auch auf deutsch schreiben. Zum Lernen! Immer schreibe oder spreche ich deutsch mit jemandem, der die deutsch sprache sprechen kann oder verstehen. Es hilft mir ganz viel und bald werde ich mehr besser sein!

Ich wünsche euch eine gute Nacht!


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