[dropcap]A[/dropcap] nyone seen the netflix series Sensate? We began watching it today and I must admit it’s not bad at all

Sure, like every entertainment programme, it has some crap scenes and in my opinion, the homosexual sex scenes can be done with out. Sometimes, when I see forced input of the gay community, I get the feeling that they are trying to force everyone who is watching to accept homosexuality. Like I have always said, I have nothing against them, but allow me to form my own opinion and acceptance without forcing me. It is the same thing with religion. You complain about how forceful they are yet you do the same thing with your own personal beliefs and call me close minded when I do not conform. Which reminds me of the questions I ask…. if gay folks don’t like the opposite sex, why wear a dildo? Rhetoric question by the way!

So, the series is basically about a group of people from different countries, connected together in a psychic way. Now what I find great about this series is the fact that they actually go to the exact countries to play scenes.

Most movies or series create locations to resemble places they can’t be bothered with going to. Or maybe the country”s laws do not make it easy so they end up creating a false impression because they do not bother to do a perfect research of the tribe they want to talk about. Take for example the movie Xmen. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the movie and will watch it ten thousand times a day if I could. What upset me was when they landed “Lagos”, they spoke igbo. Yes we have the igbo tribe in lagos but the highest percentage comes from the yoruba so why they didn’t use the yoruba language is beyond me.

Or watching a movie where the Kölner Dom is in Frankfurt. Or a character with a Nigerian name being played by someone who couldn’t be bothered with learning the actual Nigerian accent. Even Avengers the movie got me mad during the scene with Hulk and Ironman’s fight. Every other city was named but for some reason they couldn’t put a name to the particular African city the scene was played.

So we are just down to episode 3 and yes I have seen lots of silly scenes I didn’t think were necessary but the fact is they did a great job. The Indian engagement party scene was also amazing. The person behind the camera for that scene did it brilliantly. He basically captured the whole beauty of the scene, the colors were beautiful, the excitement that is always ever present in an Indian gathering was really captured.

Wir sehen uns eine neue Serie an und es ist eine tolle Serie. Vllt habt ihr sie gesehen? Es ist über ein paar Personen, die Psychische Kräfte haben. Ihr sollt sie sehen. Es heißt Sense8. Die Regie finde ich gut weil sie in die genaue Ländern gespielt haben. Zum Beispiel die Szenen in Kenya haben echt in Kenya gemacht! India auch. Und für mich ist das sehr gut. Manchmal haben viele Filme die falsche Eindrücke über Orte und das passt nicht oder?!


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