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15 Für 15: Bereits Für Den Test!

Is it just me, or is anyone else feeling like August started out slow but now seems to go by so quickly?

Not that I am complaining but hey!

So, on Friday I will be writing the B1 language test and I must say I’m totally eager to get it done. The Einbürgerungstest scares me just an itsy bitsy bit tho.

In general, there are 310 or so questions regarding the German orientation system and lots of questions about voting, about the laws and rights, about the country itself are included. However, only 33 questions are selected for this particular test and you are expected to get 15 to 17 correct answers. Some questions are the same but asked in a different way (probably done to confuse you or just to know if you understand the question !!)

Before I started the B1 classes, I met a few people who said it was very tough but this I find false. The way the test is conducted yes, but not the class itself. Now for the A level hören tests, you get to hear the questions twice which basically helps you to catch words you didn’t the first time. Well with the B and I’m right to guess the C levels too, you only get to hear the question once which can be tricky!

I met a lady who has failed the test three times and is afraid to attempt it again. I can understand that. She did give me angst tho the first few weeks after I met her but meine Lehrerin tries to practice the test with us which helps. So on Friday, we shall knowwwww!

Like I said before, the orientierungskurs does help one understand the way politics and laws work and at a point I found politics total fun. Speaking of laws, there was a story a few days back about a 34 year old ass wipe who made some serious racial comments on Facebook.

A Berlin court fined him 4800 euros or 4 months in jail because he threathened asylum seekers with the gas chamber. Germany takes racism very seriously and it is basically against the law to encourage racism or discrimination of any kind.

In my opinion, there’s no need to fine him, let him get a very long time out in jail for his misuse of Meinungsfreiheit. Das wäre besser oder!

I mean hey, it’s bad enough as it is already, why make it worse? I read a post somewhere that talked about the majority helping to end racism. Racism cannot end if only the minority is doing all the work. Which brings me to Rachel Dolezal. She may have had good intentions when she began her crusade but she took it too far. Do I support her? To an extent I do but she didn’t need to fake being black. You don’t have to be black to fight the #blacklivesmatter cause. You don’t have to pretend to be someone else to prove a point. As human beings, we owe it to the world to make life worthy no matter what color your skin is. I however do not agree with the people who say what she did is different from what the Jenner did. Na ah……

Heute auch schreibe ich meinen Beitrag nur auf englisch, weil diese Theme über Integration ist! Auf jeden Fall ist Integration fast gleich in viele Länder. ..denke ich. Man muss erstmal die Sprache lernen oder? Das ist ganz ganz wichtig weil man dahin lebt.

Ich freue mich auf besser deutsch zu sprechen und eine gute Ausbildung um zu machen. Oh und wenn sie periscope habt, könnt ihr mir folgen. Ich spreche nur deutsch obwohl es lustig ist!

Eine schöne Woche, Leute!



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