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15 Für 15: Das Was

It’s the last days of the month, here is hoping everyone had a great August! Time to ring in September oder?!

Totally excited to have finally finished my language classes….well, the ones I applied for. I was very positive last year that I would complete all language levels but yeah, my plans look to be changing! But that’s ok cos I get to learn more in the real world. I have a new instagram account where I basically upload photos regarding my “evolving” style and integration.

With this new account, I will only write auf deutsch to help improve my speech and word order. My B1 mündlich test convinced me to create this account because sure I can confidently say I did good, I still need to get rid of my angst which is a serious trouble maker. It confuses me and I end up shuffling my words and not doing as perfectly good as my study hour.

So the B1 test was basically conducted by external Leiter and we had name tags on tables so we didn’t get to choose where we could sit. We were not allowed to communicate with each other and the atmosphere kind of reminded me of Nigerian school exams!

The Orientierungstest was quite the shocker. A class mate had asked if I could assist her in the test cos she didn’t study but we were all given different questions. Or the questions jumbled up. My 1 to 5 were different from the next person’s so the poor girl was all on her own. I was a bit disappointed that the test wasn’t tough. Sure I would not get the full 33 marks but I’m certain I would get more than 17 right…which is all you need to pass this particular test

The speech test was also good. I was asked to describe the transport system in Nigeria due to the theme I was given. You are given a photo and asked to describe what you see. Mine had cars in it hence the transportation talk. I was also asked to describe how I met Gorgeousness, introduce myself and explain why I couldn’t speak ibibio…long story!

It has been quite a ride, learning to speak another language and dealing with a different form of speaking. Me, speaking German now? Hmmm, maybe we should move to Nigeria so I take a job with Julius Berger lmao! Thanks for that tip Mel…

I got another German book to read. This time, a Roman and hope I actually finish it. I keep telling a young girl I help with English to read English books so I better take my own advice by reading German books to improve my ability!

In six weeks, I will be getting my test results and I’m totally looking fwd to see how I did! So, this is moi, done with language school!

Off to plan new integration adventures!

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