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15 Für 15:Unabhängigkeit, B1 Bestanden!

Guten Morgen Menschen…

Oktober 1st was the Nigerian independence day and as much as I wanted to celebrate it with everything nigerian on that day, I couldn’t cos I was basically mid air and all I could do was wish for a better future for my country. My featured image I found on Instagram on @naijamademe and I totally loooooove it.

Anyways, I hope that next year Gorgeousness and I will be celebrating it better….vielleicht mit unseren Kindern??! 🙂

Also, I came up with the idea to stick to English on the blog and instead create an Instagram account where I will basically write only in German. Sure I am totally proud of my skills but the truth is I’m still learning. If someone spoke too fast or was crying and talking I wouldn’t be able to get every word. This is why I figured no need to register for the b2 language level instead go into the real world and test my skills. So far so good.

Few days back, I went alone to the Ausländerbehörde to renew my Aufenthaltserlaubnis and I was pretty scared to go in alone cos I thought that I wouldn’t understand a word he spoke. All the times I was there, Gorgeousness was always with me.

But everything went fine….although I had to tell him to slow down a bit which he found funny but there you go.

Speaking of the Ausländerbehörde, I made my b1 !!! Booyah!!! The test is divided into three: hören/lesen(hearing and reading), schreiben(writing) and sprechen(speaking).

The first is over 45 I think and I made up to 41(I rock obviously!). The second is over 20 and I made it to 17 (the letter writing I could have done better but I am satisfied). Sprechen is 100 annnnnnd I made it to 94….good gawd, I’m such a Rocker! Ha!

My Einbürgerungstest result is somehow missing. Everyone I know who took the test with me received theirs. Sure I made it but I want to know my exact score. Will give them another week to post it if that doesn’t happen, I will have to contact Nürnberg cos I’m so not sitting for it again. Which is what I will have to do if my result is lost.

Anyways, check out my attempt at deutsch speaking on Instagram @stripes_scones_and_haut it’s nothing grand…yet but stick around!

Enjoy the week guys and don’t forget to stay great!

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