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Was Bedeutet Schönheit?

Guten Tag Ihr Lieben
It has been a very slow week but hey I ain’t complaining. I returned from Houston with an annoying cold which I of course have given to Gorgeousness and he isn’t taking it very well. Lol. Tut mir leid Liebhaber aber wer noch oder?

So I was on a beauty blog called and read a post about the standards of beauty and the interesting thing I found about her post was the way she defined her thoughts. A lot of people have different ideas of what exactly beauty is or what they think it is. Most of the time, we rely on what other people think and say, what beauty mags are trending, what famous beauty bloggers are saying.

I personally think that beauty has no definition. We as human beings have the right to choose how we see beauty sure but what our ideas are or how we define it should make all the diff.
Do I use make up? Duh! I actually began using it fully this year and yes I totally love it. In my opinion, make up doesn’t make me feel more beautiful. I sure as hell like how different I look with make up on of course but I don’t base my definition on whatever product I have on my face.

I however do not fully agree with contouring. I don’t want to hide my features, I want to show them off. I have a large African nose, deal with it. Don’t go convincing me to use contouring to make my nose smaller.
That’s what make up should do: show off my features not hide them. So yes I am all for make up that does me good.
I never subscribe to beauty mags or blindly follow beauty bloggers whose only way of inspiring me is for me to drool over shockingly expensive designer labels. Beauty isn’t the cutest Hermes purse or ridiculously expensive make up brands (TooFaced,I see you), or what Cosmo and the gang are saying. Beauty has no definition period!
I have heard people say they never shop in cheap shops because they believe that cheap clothes make you look ugly and I am indifferent to all that crap talks. I will go into Primark expecting a sale to be going down! Yup, that’s me, cheapskate queen!
All lustig talk aside tho, the idea of what beauty means is a sensitive topic to debate on and different views of this is what makes it all the more interesting.

Go check out ladeutschediva for some great photos on full figure fashion shows.

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  • I agree beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I also agree strongly with what was said about conturing when that beauty faze will die I have no clue. The beauty world sometimes is so robotic and routinely, I’ve seen post title be how I wear my foundation, what nail polish did I buy, my favourite lipstick lol its shameful sometimes that people heavily associate beauty with makeup. I find beauty to associate with anything or anyone that is simple calm in nature kind and honest. I can go to primark and find a sale every single time lol my mum knows she birthed a proud cheapskate. x

    • Did someone say cheapskate? Lol my hands Def up for that club! You have been so quiet lately, but I’m positive you’re doing great as always! Let’s not even go into contouring and all the levels of wrong associated with it! But I guess beauty being in the eyes of the beholder also means that everyone gets an opinion regardless of how lame and sad it is. For me, if you can’t use your opinion to inspire people in positive ways, then what’s the point of it right?

  • Hiyaaa! Ah! Egbon! All these AmericaNNah cold ya sharing up and down eh! Diarisgodoo!! Okay lemme do a quickie and tell you a story of how my “Flabber” was not so recently “Gasted..” 🙁 I met this lady at a function in Festac Town (Not real location.. Changed it for respect reasons) one time.. and my she was beautiful to the Tee… in my eyes yeah she was an Agbani someboRRy.. The “Cats Meow” I tell you.. Trust me nah.. Lof is a choice for me 24/7.. So I was in lof! deep in lof! So i went to see her at another time and her beauRRy was like Angel Gabriel’s Twin Sisters and i was in Cloud 9.. Swear down.. The lof was deep like that oh! Until one time I saw her without make up.. and i was like.. Ehnmm! Who are you?! Now as sad as this eezz ehn nne.. Make uP isnt beauRRy.. it is but an Element to Enhance it…

    I like to see my self as Team Natural; No latex, no fakeness, no Make up.. That way one can connect to the reality of who we are.. What we are.. and we can feel comfortable with who we are with for what they are.. So **Carries Placard.. and mega phone.. then **chants… Say no to DECEPTIVE MAKE uP!.. ikId.. This was fun to read Egbon.. As always i tell you :)… Weldone oh! Nne.. You be making this confused 23 years 11 months old smile all time every time he comes here:) and the crowd goes.. Oooossshheeey!

    Do get well soon Nne.. Bikonu 🙂

    • Ooshheyyyyy! ! And Duru is in the building. Hey, thanks as always for the kind hailings! I grab ’em all. We are all team natural here but in my opinion, men should learn to be comfy with a girl using make up. It doesn’t change who she is.
      And I agree that make up is just an enhancer but a pretty darn good one!

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