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15 Für 15: Arbeitstelle

Guten Abend Folks!

It has been a crazy period ever since I signed a job contract that involves registering the Flüchtlinge that arrived NRW. For two weeks, they have been prepping halls and registration equipments for the job and good gawd, it’s a ton of work.

So as part of my integration process, this is just one more step upwards and I am totally psyched about being able to get some Erfahrung regarding working here and sure it is just for a few months, but it would be a great addition to my Lebenslauf.

For fast two weeks now, we have been on a sort of seminar to gain some knowledge on how best to execute our Aufgaben and the major part of this is the use of a very delicate software. In my opinion, more time has been spent on pointless talk instead of teaching us more about the software and I have been moved almost to tears once or twice because I sometimes do not fully understand anything during the speeches. They talk so very fast and use words I’m not familiar with and this can be very annoying.

I made a friend who speaks a little English so she helps translate sometimes, but the other half of the time, she doesn’t understand my questions but that’s ok. All I’m determined to do is properly learn the software and know the basics of the Registrierungsprozess.

So, I signed the contract of an eight hours daily job and my head was spinning with all the papers they needed me to provide. From something called Führungszeugnis which is basically like a police report of some sort, to my Lohnsteuerabzugsmerkmale and a lot more. It’s crazy how thorough they are as opposed to a place like Nigeria. My tax papers are basically non existent. Sure tax was deducted before I got paid, but the actual paper work was never seen. Hell I don’t even know what tax class I belonged to lol.

But here, everything is so straight forward and clear….annoying yes but the rest of the world knows how much paper work the Germans love so no surprise there abi?

Today I got a paper called prüfung der Unbedenkluchkeit and I so hope it’s the last piece of paper I get shoved in my face!

Now more than half my pay is going into tax and all the various insurances I am registered with. Health, pension, jobless insurance etc. Yeah, I won’t be buying that pretty leather jacket from Zara any time soon!

But for me, the best part is mingling with German speaking people, thereby perfecting my language skill, not sitting at home and doing nothing (even though I had planned sewing lessons), getting a chance to experience working in Germany, plus get my legs moving since I seem to have slacked on my work outs.

Luckily, my Verbindung is really nicht so schlecht except the days I miss the bus and I end up walking over 40 minutes to catch the direct bus from another station.

So here is to interesting weeks ahead! Good night Leute und einen schönen Abend noch!!

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