Wer Macht Was?!

Still on my Instagram binge this morning and I see a photo on Tyra Banks’ page (featured image).

It got me thinking about what the Victor Doom’s character in the very crappy Fantastic Four movie said. We all remember Neil Armstrong but what about the people who designed/built the space shuttle that took him to the moon?

The American girl who handmade her prom dress using African fabric became an Instagram sensation over night and I keep thinking of the men and women in Nigeria who make (have been making) similar outfits especially what tyra has on and no one knows they exist.

Firstly, lemme just say that most tailors in Nigeria are extremely annoying. But that aside, they are hugely talented and create amazing outfits for clients. Ironically, a lot of them are either self taught or they attended some sort of backyard runs training centre.

Now I’m not saying great skills acquiring centres are not available. They are, mostly darn expensive. But my point is, looking at what tyra has on, I get kicked back into the past, those days we will buy fabrics and make verschiedene styles. Styles we would only wear to church or some traditional wedding ceremony, even church wedding!

I probably won’t wear most of those outfits out here to work or some bar cos let’s face it, they are a bit dressy and too much for daily activity or bar top grooving. The photos below are outfits my sister got made for me and the dress I can wear in winter plus I totally love it! The skirt I wanted to try on this Herbst but it’s so freaking cold most days and no way am I wearing boots under that skirt!

Anyways, I was going to rant on about how the internet creates fuss about something that has been available since before I was born but then I lost track of my anger!! 🙂

Besides, she designed and handmade her prom dress herself so my rant would have been baseless oder?!

IMG_20151012_153438 IMG_20151007_142243



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