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Guten Morgen Ihr

Oh ja, meine Arbeit is going great, slow but getting it all in. On Friday I got sent to the back office to control what the front office did and the Fehler was amazing. But at some point, you can’t really blame them because we get verschiedene informationen on the daily and cos people are still working in groups, the mistakes are a dime a dozen.

Anyways, today I’m checking out Zendaya’s Instagram and I found a photo she uploaded complaining about how a certain magazine photos she shot were heavily photoshopped. Her curves were sliced off and she ended up looking nothing like herself…body wise that is.

The interesting thing was she got the magazine to take down the edited photo and that for me was a great big ass giant step. At least for the whole beauty standard world.

I always say that if you cannot use your position to make a positive change then what is the point of having a voice. She is what? 19? And she has done something that people like Beyonce and her cohorts nicely ignore. When did having large hips become a taboo. Who said that we have to look like gay boys to walk the runway? It’s all dandy and good to edit our photos for instagram, but when it really counts, when young girls look up to you as a source of inspiration and you basically tell them being anything but boylike is not ok, where is the glory in all that fame? What happened to the legacy Marilyn Monroe created, the idea of beauty being who you are and not what the media deems fit.

So Zendaya is definitely a face to watch. Will she one day cave in to the high demands of stupidity? Will she forget the honesty and truth she preaches? Will she one day think that fame is just about the high life that comes as a bonus and nicely forget the reason she does what does?

I certainly hope not. I noticed her after the dread hair quote by the silly lady of E-News and have been following her story since then.

She is definitely a face to keep an eye on. Check her account for more photos! All pics gotten there obviously!

Enjoy your Sunday folks!!

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