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15 Für 15: Arbeitsstimmung

Guten Abend folks!!
Schon lange dass ich ein Beitrag nicht geschrieben habe oder?

It has been ziemlich chaotisch over here and since starting work, I now understand the importance of a good relaxing weekend. I find myself vacuuming and moping at either 10pm or 7am and it has now become a regular habit. Und das ist jetzt ganz normal.
Arbeit has been totally interessant and although I’m not allowed to go into details or talk about the refugees I come in contact with, I have to say it def isn’t a bad first work experience.

So the atmosphere at work isn’t schlecht at all. Well, I don’t think it is. Sure I don’t socialize as much as I should but the bit I do is a great experience really. You get to see the diff ways people react to situations, the diff character each coworker has and how they relate to others. Is it different from my work experience in Nigeria? Probably.
Anyways, like I said earlier, it’s not a bad job experience and sure my contract ends in a few months, but I am glad I got the chance. Since starting the job, staying at home has become really hard. One time, we got a day off cos of bad weather and as I walked back into my apartment, I freaked out and had to quickly call a friend and neighbor to hang out at the mall.
Gorgeousness has suggested improving my sewing skills with the extra time I get on days I leave work early which isn’t a totally bad idea. I found a new fabric shop in the city central so I will def be doing that.
Everything at the work place has just been so untidy. We work in two teams, mobile and stationary teams and the mobile team was supposed to have begun their own assignment a few weeks ago. So with two teams in one office, there has been a lot of tension of some sort.
Anyways, this job is really helping me get on with my deutsch (and give free english lessons too lol). My coworkers don’t get how I survive without coffee and I don’t get the smoking habit so we are even I guess. In Nigeria, there is no such thing as a cigarette break…at least I don’t think there is. So excuse me if I don’t get that.
Do I have people I don’t get along with? Duh and why is that? Cos I am not making the effort to socialize(again with that word..aaaarrrhhhggg). I mean I won’t be seeing any of them after my contract ends, so what is the point? Plus they are either too young or too old and I truly have no idea what to talk about. Some crack jokes and because I am not listening, I don’t get it. I may have pretended to laugh once at a joke I didn’t exactly find funny but that’s socializing abi? I tried small na.
My hair has become my signature and I was a bit skeptical about going in with big curly hair especially when you read tales about ppl who share negative workplace and hair stories but so far, my boss hasn’t said anything about my hair style choices. Sure I have a few responses for him if he does bring it up but he hasn’t so hey.
Yesterday I came to the conclusion that heels so aren’t for me. As I got the job, I got excited about getting the chance to play dress up with my heels but I still struggle with confidence when I have on heels and that sort of messes up my steps. But with flats or anything with less than two inches I’m a happy lass. I would pull on the straps of my combat style shoes with my bleistiftrock and dresses and confidence would ooze out like the gooey foamy bits of beer!!
Fashion isn’t my thing but darn it, I would try on stuff if I like it. Hell, my sis has given up on me and my strange colored lipstick tubs.

So yes, having the opportunity to get up and go to work is great. I did struggle with it at the beginning, all the fast talking Germans, all the strange characters and let’s not forget the taxes and insurances I have to pay for which I am now totally ok with. For the good services I get back why shouldn’t I pay my taxes and all? Yes it freaked me out at first but now, hey God bless Germany!!
I don’t work at the back office anymore and I would like to try out the mobile team and see how they work out there.

It’s the first day of Advent and früher I used to think advent was all the sundays in December but it’s basically the four sundays leading up to Christmas and on Tuesday, we open up the first square of our Advent calendar. It’s nothing fancy really, we got a small one from Rossmann and I got another kostenlos from the DB service. Yeah, it’s a sort of Christmas tradition that goes on quite well around here while our little family tradition includes watching Love Actually on Christmas day. What’s your tradion??
Eine schöne Woche Leute!!

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