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15 Für 15: Aufenthaltserlaubnis Verlängert!

Guten Abend folks!!

It has been the warmest winter ever for me…not that I’m complaining of course! I am getting tired of heavy winter Mantel or daunen Jacke especially after a month in Houston where it was blazing hot all the weeks of September.

So anyways, I finally managed to extend my residence permit which was actually such a breeze. I am looking fwd to getting a permanent one of course…these extensions aren’t kostenlos or billig either but it has got to be done.

I am beginning to feel like a regular at the Ausländerbehörde (with good reasons hey). The office is actually quite cosy I have to say but it would be great if the workers spoke English and some other international language really cos if I didn’t have Gorgeousness, I would scream bloody hell. Sure now I go on my own cos my deutsch is good enough. But I have a friend who finds it tasking trying to communicate with them about her own permit. Sadly, they really don’t have all the infos regarding different country’s process. One of my holiday trips a few years back I wanted to extend my stay and I knew I could do that while here but the lady I spoke with had no idea what I was talking about. According to her own books, it wasn’t possible. The US embassy’s website said I could but the city I was in at the time had a different info. So if the lady spoke some English, we could have communicated better. She just looked at my passport and said no I have to go back to the US and apply which I knew was wrong but I wasn’t in the mood to argue with someone who didn’t speak a word of English so I can very well understand my friend’s frustration.

Sure not every Ausländer speaks English but come on na….

I can’t be of any help to her cos her Termine are always in the morning when I work and her partner goes to school but I am sure they will find a time that suits his schedule cos she needs to sort it all out.

Moving to a new country, trying to get all your legal documents in place while actually living especially when they don’t speak your language is very daunting.

Thankfully, I was able to get mine sorted and with no stress at all. Gott sei dank mbok!

So the Ausländerbehörde is a section of the Rathaus which is one of the important government buildings. Life basically happens here. Births and death reports, weddings and divorces, getting a new apartment, moving cities, owning a business etc. Hell, even pets get registered there(I think. We don’t own a pet so I can’t say for sure). Even the Führungszeugnis is gotten at the Rathaus!

Kind of like a city council really. I find it totally interesting how organized everything is in the Rathaus and I can’t help comparing it to the Nigerian version. You would have grown grey hair under your arm before your case is processed let alone dealt with. I tire for our system mbok.

I guess you never really stop finding a reason to be at the Rathaus. It is basically the city’s bane of existence oder?

Merry Christmas folks! Frohe Weihnachten!!!

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