Frohe Weihnachten

Merry Christmas folks

Sadly we missed out on one Christmas tradition this year…not going to church for Christmas sermon.

We still have a few we were able to get done so no biggy oder?!

Christmas in Germany is totally amazing and what I like is the fact that it isn’t just seen as a christian holiday/celebration. Fast alle menschen celebrates this great period.

In Nigeria, we mostly do chicken abi, here it’s mostly Ente you find on lunch tables. Tomorrow we visit the Schwiegermutter and will be getting our fill of duck and rotkohl(oh dear I hope not. Not a huge rotkohl fan)

We didn’t do the Weihnachtsmarkt this year tho. Last year was sehr nass and I wasn’t in the mood for the crazy crowd even tho it didn’t rain this year.

Speaking of the Wetter, is it just Deutschland or is there a winter conspiracy somewhere else this year? The winter wetter Wahnsinn a certain newspaper dubbed it which I have to agree. It has been exceptionally less cold this winter. So yeah we didn’t get a white Christmas which is sad cos I was looking fwd to waking up to some snow today.

Have you tried the Christstollen? I haven’t and Gorgeousness isn’t a huge fan of it so I’m pretty sure I won’t either. It is a Christmas cake and yeah, who doesn’t like cakes right? Will probably try it next year….probably being the operative word here, just so you know!

It’s our third Christmas together. We just finished decorating our tree(late yeah) and it certainly looks prettier than it did last year! That’s the idea right?

I certainly wish we could have made it to church but no biggy. Next year hoffentlich.

It’s been a week of Christmas songs in our flat. From BoneyM to The Tweenies. Was searching for their Christmas Album but it was only available for sale on Amazon and we couldn’t even pay cos it was the US site and they don’t take regular German bank cards. So will be searching locally for it.

So, I got a card that said frohe festtage which sort of upset me because I have seen where ppl claim to be upset about the “merry Christmas” saying cos they don’t celebrate it, it is offensive to them and their beliefs and I am like are you gaming me? If you do not do Christmas why don’t u lock yourself up in your flat until the season ends? It’s sad how christians try to segregate themselves and justify their foolishness because a certain holiday season isn’t their thing. Wth?

Well hey, I don’t do happy holidays. Merry Christmas is so my thing and if it upsets you, then you are on the wrong planet.

Christmas is a time for giving and forgiving, for forgetting. We basically experience world peace during Christmas. Let’s rejoice in the goodness of life, of living. Grab some mistletoe, kiss someone, be merry and hope/pray for a better world.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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