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15 Für 15: Sprachkenntnisse + Ende

T’was the day after 26!!!

I am doing a bit of putzen and I find my test Zertifikate from the language tests and realized how far I had come with the language learning.

Sure I have been on this path for so long and everyday I get totally better. It ain’t easy I tell you, learning a language as old as I am. Ok maybe some ppl are bloody good at it but for someone like me who only knows how to speak English( and not that I haven’t tried Igbo, Efik, Ibibio, Hausa. Hell I even tried Spanish and French too!)

My B1 test result came out on time but my Orientierungstest Zeugnis took almost forever. Everyone I know who took the test with me got theirs and I was panicked when it didn’t arrive two weeks after. I started thinking maybe I got my address wrong which meant I would have to take the test again cos we were warned about giving wrong addresses.

I was totally worried, rang the vhs office almost everyday, asking for info on how to get in touch with the Nürnberg folks.

Well, imagine that I took the test on the 28 of August and received my result first week of Nov. Pretty late yes but I was too happy to care how late it took. Others got theirs six to eight weeks after the test and so imagine how worried I was, and with good reason too. Who was going to sit for that test again? I don’t do politics and don’t care for it so once was ok for me thank you!

So yes, I made it! Duh! Although my question to myself was, where did the other two points go to right? I was very certain I got all 33 questions cos I was done in ten mins and just hung around to check all my answers like ten times!


So yeah, I am officially done with language school. Will I register for B2? I don’t know for certain. I haven’t thought about it since I began working. At the beginning, I was fairly certain I would study up to C1 but now, I don’t know for sure. I am just glad I got the result cos hell, I studied hard for it. I was going through 300 questions online twice daily, in class too, we practiced hard, I knew every German politician’s name, I learned all the world war 2 history lessons, the Berlin wall story so yes, I am satisfied with my scores!

Well, this is my last entry for the 15 challenge. Will I keep blogging about my life in Germany and how I integrate? Totally. Might seem like nothing, but to me it is an amazing experience cos I never thought I would live in a place where English wasn’t the main Sprache aber hey, life is an Abenteuer oder?!

The challenge did help me to realize ootd posts are not my style at all. I tried with one post I think just to step out of my bloody box and that was a disaster! Not the end of the world of course. There are tons of beauty bloggers out there so I will just stalk them with ooohs and aaahs at their outfit combos.

So thank you to Janyl for coming up with the challenge and of course to everyone who participated. I have my bottle of German beer in prost to whoever wins. Maybe a plate of rotkohl und knödel? Errr no way! Ogbonno or Atama with hot poundo yam will do just fine!

Until January folks! Enjoy the fireworks that is sure to come with Silvester!

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