Neues Jahr, Neue Anfängen

Hallo Alle,
Weihnachten ist schon vorbei and we are certainly back to the reality of daily grinding!

So, Duru asked me what my short term goals for 2016 was and I came up with null. I stopped creating goals because I figured out they never went as I planned. Writing a to do list for the year never quite works out for me so makes sense to stop oder?

However, I decided to encourage myself to do things with my hands. Sure I make fabric accessories and all but this time I want to try to do one thing monthly.
Yes this goes against my not making a to do list anymore but I want to think of it as a fun hobby( not a goal!!)
So hoffentlich werde ich etwas monatlich machen. Mal sehen!
Plus Gorgeousness has been so helpful. I know I say this everytime, but having him in my life has been such an amazing experience. And I look fwd to growing old with him. So in a way, that’s my goal.

So for the month of Januar, I completed a bohemian curl wig. It’s totally huge and I may need to remake it later on when I buy a better wig cap. But the point being I made something in Januar!

February will be a handmade midi skirt. I had ordered one from sammydress which turned out to be as crap as crap can be described so I figured why not use it as a sort of pattern. So come February, I begin with that! Daumen drucken!!!

Oh by the way!!!! Another blogger reviewed all my 15/15 challenge posts and I thought that was hugely amazing of her. It is always nice to know someone other than myself reads my blog!! Too cool abi? Thank you again Chynanu

So work has been great so far. I get picked up and dropped off by a coworker so I haven’t been on the bus for a while. This week tho I go myself with the bus cos said coworker is on a holiday and I am reunited with my love for the public transport system. Sure it gets too much sometimes when u have to squish between school kids, the creepy laughters, the ones finishing up homework on the bus, the giggles and whispers amongst the girls oohing over one or more Jungs but hey, you gotta love it oder?!

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