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15 Für 15: Challenge Review

Guten Abend folks!

Still on the 15 für 15 challenge. I had no idea we were to review another blogger’s post so here is my own take.

I wanted to review a random blogger as per being bias and all but for some reason, I wasn’t seeing all the challenge posts(you would think it would be easy to find oder?)
So it was a choice between Duru and Clara. Duru is last year’s winner and boy did he gloat(with good reason) so going all girl power, Clara it is. And I linked each edition for easy peep!

For her intro, Clara explained her reason for choosing the theme which is basically about her ajala ways. She has been to more places than 007 really! Seeing as weird things always happened to her while on said trips, so why not indeed oder?

So, our friendly neighborhood Ajalarin is a huge lover of the printed words. She has read a ton of books and for someone who has missed a flight while reading a book at her boarding gate you’d think it won’t happen again abi? Well…it certainly did. Blaming it on the bookworm demon of course, she was this close to boarding a flight to Warschau instead of Wien!

Belgien is a really schöne Stadt and Clara is able to capture a bit of that with her amazing photos( she takes way better photos than I do !) Here, she explains from the bizarre which involves kids drinking kaffee to the goodness of schnee to the family togetherness at work in Belgien. She works with kids and though it’s an extremely stressful arbeit, she loves it and that’s what counts.


Okay, ich muss sagen: this post was scary-creepy. T’was the year she moved to Großbritannien and her folks allowed her to take a trip to Rome with her younger siblings. Ja, I know, not a very Nigerian thing to do but you have to meet her Eltern!
Sure, they did manage to be all tourists and visit everything from the colosseum to the Spanish Steps and the Vatican city. Hell, they even made wishes at the Treu Fountain and things still managed to go from bad to crazy worse! From getting robbed on the train to missing the only bus that drives to the faraway hotel they were staying at. Meeting a verrückte Frau who was kind enough to drive them to said hotel while acting all transporter with broken tail lights and every road offense you can imagine! As if that wasn’t enough, she had to become a street urchin to make up enough cash for their tickets back home. What we do for our little ones abi?

I have never been to Bruges, but I can mos def say that die Bilder in this post made me consider a weekend getaway with Gorgeousness.

This was basically split in three and talked about her experience in Bangladesh. She stayed in a place called Chandraghona and had quite an amazing time. Attending a Hindu marriage, trying out food, wearing saris, etc. Oh did you know that the Salwar Kameez is important for protecting the men from temptations….I feel a sneeze coming on!
I thought it was a very delicate post too because she touched on subjects that people tend to let the waves wash off silently. In spite of everything, it is always a great idea to be thankful for what we have. My best entry by the way.

A two part series and no, London bridge wasn’t falling down Gott sei dank! She did have fun with her Freundinnen, trying out food, visiting book stores and reliving her British experience. Plus the lady who didn’t quite get how she could be Chinese and Nigerian at the same time! No she is not…in case you were wondering!
As is normal with her trips, things didn’t go as smoothly as it does for normal people! Shocker! Need I talk about the annoyingly obnoxious traveller who threatened to blow up England with his semtex as revenge against Holland for Nelson Mandela….what????

Prague is our next stop. The tourist info sign makes no sense cos of course it ain’t in English oder Ibibio, but the arrows make for a good tip. First part of the Prague edition is picture perfect. The pretty sky, the clean streets and the Balamoryish buildings. The second part is about the things that make you go hmmm.

Any shocker here?

Aha! One city I can brag about. A visit to her partner’s Eltern is always an interesting blessing. She is spoilt rotten every time by those two!

It is amazing how something that has nothing to do with you can affect your life abi? I imagine that being an Ajalarin at this time when the high rise of Flüchtlinge is affecting almost everyone in Europe isn’t much fun. The constant fear of travelling with the bus/train, the stress and panic, the idea that your health was at risk while helping people you know nothing about. It’s crazy really aber was soll mann machen abi?

Another cringe worthy post about travelling and being stranded in a place that doesn’t speak your language, about friends turning their backs on you, meeting helpful strangers in spite of bad experiences. The thought that a really good friend can go psychotic on you in a flash, exhibiting a Jekyll and Hyde performance. Scary. We cannot always be careful about the people we think we know. Isn’t that how life should be? Unexpected adventures, albeit bad ones?

Still on the shitty mess with Europa and Flüchtlinge. Totally bizarre. But one constant reminder is love. Everyone ringing you to be sure you are ok. We mostly exist like love and friendship aren’t important or dinge that we unconsciously crave but the truth is it makes all the diff when you know how much you are loved.

Perfect way to end this challenge oder? Christmas for me is one of the best times of the year and I particularly love it because it not only signifies the end of the year, but it is a time of love, joy, giving (and receiving too duh!), family, heart warming friendships and the promise of a better new year. Clara captured the essence of Christmas in DE and other Europa Länder talking about the Advent. Ja kinder haben mehr Spaß auf jeden fall!

And that’s it for the challenge definitely. Have a good weekend Leute.

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