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The last few weeks have been totally kalt and I have had to rethink my oil applying days. My skin gets really dry and dullish grey. I have always used baby oil since I can remember, because lotion left my face dry, cakey and living in a place like Nigeria where it is always hot, using lotion just never worked for me.

However, before Christmas, I discovered the Lancôme perfumed body lotion and it is crazy amazing!

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It’s like a combo of oil and lotion with a bit of perfumed goodness! I got the 150 ml and there is an angebot going on for 9.99€. Apparently, original price is 15€. And the 200ml flasche goes for about 50€. Makes no sense I know! Still, it’s an incredible beauty product. The consistency is almost runny but thick genug to hold and the scent lasts a whole day! I even got so into it that Gorgeousness surprised me with a bottle of the Lumineuse Perfume from Lancôme too! I got home from work and there was my beautiful gift waiting for me in a spot I was sure to notice!!! Amazing! Thankfully, I only need it for the cold days cos this cheapskate won’t be spending 15€ each time I need a new one cos let’s face it, that’s not happening!

The next two I discovered are from DM and Rossmann. The DM brand from Alverde is a body butter with Macadamianuss and Karitébutter. Lemme just say that I hardly ever take the words for it after all, I wasn’t there when they were producing these beauty products. But it does say so on the tub! And apparently, the shea butter used is from Burkina Faso! I did like this one a lot too. The consistency is not thick at all, it’s soft, smells good too by the way and with it I didn’t need a redo! I don’t recall the smell lasting the whole day tho even tho it says so. It’s a 200ml und kostet weniger als 3€.


The one from Rossmann is called ISANA and I didn’t quite dig it. It’s also a body butter with avocadoöl and sheabutter (popular eh?). It has beeswax, coconut oil, glycerin usw. And it’s supposed to smell like pawpaw….nah I didn’t get that from mine! The consistency was quite thick which is ok. The smell I didn’t quite like and I always needed to re apply. It also costs the same as the DM brand.


I got a Trader Joe body butter from a friend and I have to say that it is amazing as well! The minute you open it, the scent floats around the room…yeah it is that strong! It is made with coconut oil (this shit is so bekannt oder! ), shea butter (wow!) And pumpkin seed oil and I looooove it. It has a consistency that is similar to whipped shea butter! Sadly, I won’t be sticking with it cos it isn’t sold localy.


Thankfully, I only need to use lotion during the really cold days in winter. The other seasons, it’s baby oil! I used to be a huge fan of the Johnsons product and Pears which is a Nigerian brand. But the DM brand isn’t bad at all.

Enjoy the week people!

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