Germany Integration

Pebbles, Windowpanes Und Ein bisschen Theater!

Hallo euch!

Schon lange dass ich nichts geschrieben habe! The Blog has been down for quite a while due to some sort of security issue! But it’s all good jetzt!

So, it’s still bloody cold out here and sure I caught the nastiest flu ever. Hell, I had to be given three days off work by mein Arzt. Which I didn’t really mind because the drama at the office has been a tad bit too much especially with the other black woman. She keeps getting bullied and never does anything about it. Her reason being one shouldn’t have to always be quarrelsome and when I disagree with her, she tells me I’m new in Germany so I won’t understand! Which is ein Satz dass sie immer zu mir sagt. Recently, she got bullied again and cried all the way to HR and when I harassed her about her response, she repeated her all too famous “you are new” sentence. I gave her a serious warning about ever saying that again. How she handles her problems has nothing to do with how seasoned in Germany she is or how much of a JJC I am.

We are two totally different people with equally different personalities so all that talk of “oh you are new”, “oh no that’s not how it’s done in Germany”, “oh there are some topics you don’t discuss with Germans “, “oh you shouldn’t tell ppl here that your mum spanked you as a kid”, “oh blah blah blah….is just down right stupid.

Anyways, rantings and theatrics aside, I do like my job. Sure it’s just a contract work and would be ending soon, but it has been a great experience for me in that I have improved my language skill while getting a German work experience as well. Sure I still stumble with the language but that’s ok. I have begun reading German books and sometimes listen to radio stations so es wird besser.

It’s spring soon and I’m totally excited about packing up my Mäntel und alle dicke Pullover and whipping out cool dresses! What’s the weather like at your end?

Enjoy the rest of the weekend folks

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