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Die Sprache Struggle Ist Echt!

Hallo Leute

Sadly, it isn’t getting any warmer obwohl Frühling bald kommt! I get stuborn about wearing a coat to work and just go with a thick scarf and a warm cardi. Hell, I even put on my regular sneakers.

Weather aside, this Frau is still struggling with perfect deutsch and it ain’t easy I tell you. In the process of trying to speak fluent deutsch, I have been trying my best (can do better really) to listen to German radio. I get distracted with wanting to keep up with series like The Walking Dead, Lucifer, SVU, IZombie usw.

However, I did get into reading more mature books. As a beginner, reading kids books is probably the best way to go, watching kids programs too because being kids, they speak easily, use lighter words and are not so fast like an adult would be. I do have a book or two written for younger kids that I never finished out of sheer laziness.

Anyways, Gorgeousness recently got me a Kindle and uploaded a few books in German so I came up with the idea of reading one book in two languages gleichzeitig. It’s totally verdammt I tell you. I am basically switching between languages like a screaming banshee! I either finish a chapter in deutsch before switching to the English version of same chapter. Or a few pages when the words start to get too difficult to translate in my head!

When I first started, it was tough. Strange words flew past me like space ships in orbit and I would have difficulty understanding a whole paragraph. But then I made it a daily habit and when I don’t get distracted, everything just starts to feel familiar. I find myself reading deutsch like it’s English. But the moment something breaks my concentration, I am basically back to square one.

Learning a new language really isn’t so easy as an adult…especially for someone like me who has no loyalty to anything but English. But since getting a job and having to sit through meetings without understanding every single sentence, I have come to realise that if I want to live here comfortably regardless of love, I have to be able to speak German fluently. Especially as my job contract ends soon and I am back in the circle of job seekers.

Gorgeousness and I have been wondering what sort of Ausbildung I can do to be able to apply for better paying jobs and so far the one thing I have developed a passion for is working with kids. Being a school teacher for a Real Schule was my first idea but I need to go back to university for a teaching degree…duh. Do I want to spend sechs Jahren or so studying again? Not really. The drama I went through back in university isn’t something I want to deal with again plus let’s face it, I’m just too faul for that struggle.

I did hear I could still teach the younger kids with just an Ausbildung but I have to make a Termin with the city’s Job Center to get all my questions answered properly .

It ain’t easy living on foreign soil when you don’t speak the language, but I have met a few ausländische Leute whose deutsch is so fluent it’s envious! Then I have met the ones who have lived here for 12 to 30 years and they cannot rub two deutsche Wörter together. Not surprising that they are mostly older arabische Frauen. Women who don’t have to come in contact with anything German. All German Sachen are handled by their husbands and German born kids. They go to Turkish stores and/or Arabic owned businesses, social events usw. So they really have no interactions with German people and things.

I don’t want to live like that…hell, I can’t even live like that seeing as I’m not an old Arabic woman and must deal with certain things on my own.

I am confident in my ability. Lazy yes, but still confident…let’s see what happens in a year or two!

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