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Frühling, Gewürz Und Ideen

Frohes Ostern folks!

We are slowly getting the warm weather this part of the world yahooooooo! No more winter jackets and freezing fingers!

SAM_0008So, I joined the Rossman blogger newsletter wagon and this is officially my first post on something from the newsletter. I am not sure what I was thinking when I registered for it especially as I’m too much of a cheapskate to buy anything that I don’t necessarily need but it seemed like fun and I did promise myself to post more beauty Beiträge and what better way right?

So Rossman is basically a Drogerie and sells regular things that are a daily necessity. From baby food, diapers and such to health food, art Dinge, perfumes, make up, candy bars, wines, cards usw. Anything can be found there except of course fresh produce and Kleidung etc.

The newsletter works like some sort of Werbung tip. They release a product and send you details like price and product description and you blog about it. Since I joined, four products have been released but I’m only blogging about the released things that interest me.

The first product I tried is the Wellness and Beauty dusch gel from a limited edition line of Pflege products. It’s a 250ml of amazing goodness! I totally love it. It’s thick enough that you don’t require too much on your bath sponge. It has a tingly sensation which probably comes from the Thymian so yeah, you really might want to not use too much as per getting into le eyes!

IMG_20160324_114138I got it for about 3,99 which is more than I pay for shower gel but I just wanted to try it and I wasn’t disappointed at all. What I love most is the cool summer like smell it gives off after shower. My bathroom basically smells like spice and summer breeze! What more can I ask for during the cold season abi?

It however has some sort of drying out effect on the skin which is sorted once you rinse off and apply your oil or lotion. Sort of like dudu osun which isn’t bad of course just nervt. I don’t really smell the orange in it tho but that’s OK. The color is enough I guess. I mean, Blut Orange isn’t really a fruit I dig but the color is totally cute!

Will I buy it again? No. Why? Remember that cheapskate thing I babble on about?! Yup, there ya go! It’s on sale now tho so I would probably get another bottle before it reverts back to it’s original price.

Enjoy the long weekend leute und frohe Ostern



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