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That Pinsel Reinigungspad Leben

Last week, I got the reiniegungspad from Rossmann which is a product from the ForYourBeauty line and I must say I am holy shit impressed.

Usually, I use a spray from DM for cleaning my brushes but I always felt the need to scrub it against a type of surface and would end up using tons of Küchenrolle and have a huge mess of rolled up brown gunk.

So when Rossmann released the pad I readily got one. Sadly I have no photos of it in use….no wait, scratch that. It was a whole mess in my sink and taking photos was so far from my mind at the time.

It has three sections for washing and then a spot that helps shape the brush back which is really cool.

I however think it’s great for smaller brushes. Bigger brushes need extra wash time which if you think about it, really isn’t that bad cos hey, they grab more product oder?

I got it for 3.99 I think(need to check my Zettel) but I think it’s a cool price. It’s made of silicon and has a spot at the back where you can easily slide your fingers in to wash brushes with ease.

What I like about it is that it reduces wash time by a lot and because you use water, you get less mess as well. Apparently it is supposed to help give your brushes longer shelf life which is so fine by me.

After use, it’s best cleaned with warm water and left to air dry.

So I’m totally digging it and would probably get another just for keeps.

An online friend said she cleans her brushes with olive oil and shampoo which I never heard of and it does sound like a great idea. However, I am too crazy in love with this product… Yeah, it’s a keeper!







With the Feiertage vorbei, it’s back to reality Abi?

Enjoy the Week y’all!

Einen schönen Tag noch…

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