The Holy Grail Of Social Media

So, if you are on instagram, I bet you would have seen the crazy “turn on notification” hash tags trending (good gawd I sound so social media).

Anyways, when I first saw a photo from someone I follow, I didn’t think much about it. My mind was…why should I turn anything on? Your feeds appear on my wall, shouldn’t that be enough? What more do you need from me?

Then I noticed almost everyone was putting it up and then I thought the world of the crazy need for hearts was going to end. Sadly this wasn’t the case. Now don’t get me wrong, I will bloody well use whatever hash tag I see fit on my ediyefunk page to get other users to see my handmade accessories and other photos I put up. Would I be very excited seeing over 100 likes on a picture of my hair bows or bangles? Duh yes because I see potential buyers in that 100 as well as less than 11 hearts.

But it isn’t the end of the world is it? If I have less followers or hearts or if people are or are not interacting on said Bilder.

The new message from instagram about showing the best feed and letting go of the regular chronological feed they have been operating with completely spooked users.

Naturally of course, users like me who can count my followers with all digits should be fretting oder? Yeah, I’m in prison for committing the greatest instagram offence…you know, less followers and even less hearts on my posts! A social media catastrophe according to this brilliant post written by Casey Newton.

Should I hang myself ? Are you gaming me? What’s with all the begging for notification buttons to be turned on? Users with a ton of followers are mostly the beggars which I can’t quite understand seeing as they have nothing to worry about.

As Case Newton says, your shirtless mirror selfies shall be relegated to the bottom of the pile!

So, calm down people. If instagram doesn’t work for you, find another media to slap us with those paid posts!


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