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Teuer Ist Nicht Immer Besser…

I am going through my closet, figuring out what winter outfit I can take into the kellar when I saw a stripped pullover I got from Kik over two years back.

I remember this chic I know telling me that she can never shop in Kik cos the clothes are so cheap and tacky. Now I agree on the tacky to a certain degree. I mean, who ever comes up with the designs, bland as they are needs a little criticism. But hey, don’t get me wrong, I have seen one maybe three nice outfits in all the times I have been in the store.

I purchased quite a few outfits from Kik and what I have noticed so far is most of these clothes, less fashionable as they may actually be, last longer than anything from Zara, H&M or Forever21.

I have given away (you know those metal boxes by the side walks from Red cross usw) everything I got from Kik except the Janina brand stretchy Oberteile. I have to gush about the amazeballness of the fabric Janina uses to create their stretch tshirt line.

Just the feel of the fabric between your fingers is like stuffing your face with that caramel Häagen Dazs and knowing all that piled up calories ends up anywhere else but inside you!

The fabric is thick enough to withstand any tugs and various laundry runs. Plus the colors don’t run!

Plusssssss……the price. I mean, maybe that’s why they don’t make the effort to have actual people model their designs? I don’t know. But getting such amazing quality for less than 10€, I guess one cannot be too ungrateful. Then again, I still think they should do a bit more work on their website because visiting it doesn’t give any shopping zeal.

The white and blutorange tops were 1.99 (Angebot of course but real price would probably be about 3.99) and 4.99€ respectively. I know how carefree I have been with the stripes and still it stays loyal. I see a lot of bloggers showing you how and where to buy dresses under 100$ each with such pride and I think….was? 100$ für ein Kleid? Are you gaming me? 20€ is about as much as I’m spending on one dress. OK maybe more on shoes and probably that 100 on a winter or leather jacket because you need to wear them more often than you would a dress. My point being my ala roro cheap self is out to play here.

Am I going to change my ways in the future and spend 100$ on a dress? I hope not. So long as I can still walk into a store and find a gooooooood sale(by this I mean scoring a less than 10€ dress that used to be 50€). I get upset when an outfit I got for the original price gets slashed by 70% but the truth is my size is hardly ever found so if I like stuff really badly I will get it. Other than that, I wait for sales to do any bulk shopping.

No worries about tags snagging your outfits. See the spot the tag is attached?! Amazing
No worries about tags snagging your outfits. See the spot the tags are attached?! Amazing.

So like all others, Kik manufactures in a few Asian Länder which we all know this is done because labour is cheap over there based on cheap electricity, taxes and sadly workmanship. Touchy subject and tricky to debate too cos you hear a lot of people going on about how they boycott high street stores because of the way workers are treated and yet they prance around with iPhones and accompanying gadgets…na ja.

IMG_20160331_074207Anyways, my point being that because a particular item has a ridiculously cheap price tag doesn’t necessarily mean it’s crap. If you want long lasting T-shirts (you know, the type that you get tired of cos it just won’t wear off no matter how badly you treat it? Yes that type) then you need to jog over to the nearest Kik store and get all the freaking colors available. After all, being fashionable isn’t about how much you bought what you have on, but how you wear it right?

Spring and summer should be bright and sunny oder? What better way to shine than in various good quality tshirts to match that denim (in my case, pencil skirts) and sneakers look?

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