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Die Wiege Der Menschheit

Hallo April!

The start of a great Saison is here! Sweater weather indeed. I mean I had this chunky turtle neck sweater I got from Berschka that had shrunk after one wash and I was ready to trash it when I figured I try belting it over a dress. Yup, no schmeißen shall be taking place just yet!

Anyways, I recently watched a documentary that talked about the possibility of the grand USA being originally discovered by nomadic Africans and I was blown away by the intense exploration of this possibility.

A lot of black people on social media make comments about non black America hiding the true history of black America, not teaching kids true history, trying to wipe out the black community by editing documented history.

I grew up in Nigeria, so it is hard for me to understand racial conspiracy theories. I have always believed that not everything is about the extinction of the black race. When black Americans read between lines and condemn people in mixed marriages, my opinion is always: please find several seats would you please!

There wasn’t any racism in my part of the world. I mean sure in a country like Nigeria, if you are mixed race, light skinned, pretty, from a certain tribe, from a mega buck family then life would be cakes and ice cream for you.

Aside from that crap, full blown racism wasn’t a thing. No one was asking you if you lived in trees (yup, black America asked that a lot back then. I’m guessing being 2016, nobody is that foolish to ask such idiotic fragen), if the water turned brown when you showered(actually it does, when I’m washing off my foundation dumbass), no one was stupidly impressed when you spoke fluent English (no brainer why), if you had wild animals as pets (excuse you, they are called wild animals for a reason abi?), is that your real hair (no silly, it belongs to the horse I poached in abriba), you are so tall, do you play basketball( I have a basket or two, but no balls. Are you offering yours?) Are you wild in bed (I don’t know, are you?).

So when I read stories about people who had to endure hateful questions, racial bullying usw I do not feel like a kindred spirit because I have never had that experience. Sure as a human being I feel hurt knowing someone went through all that. Black Americans und auch immigrants, expats who built roots in foreign land.

I moved to Germany on account of falling in love and wanting to be with the man who would move mountains to express how much he loves me. So I know first hand the difficulty one can endure trying to integrate into a new culture especially when they don’t speak your language. Combining hate, racism and bullying into that mix is something no one should have to endure.

I think it is safe to say that growing up in Nigeria gave me the tools I needed to be able to reflexively defend myself against racism. I had a Cameroonian coworker who sort of makes my superpower seem so blasé. She would cry when someone bullied her and stay away from work for days on grounds of ill health and I could never understand that at all. Strangely enough I keep tapping my feet patiently, waiting for a scape goat since the last racial slur Gorgeousness and I experienced over two years ago. The irony of it being the culprit was a Turkish teenager.

Turkish teenager! An Ausländer as well…go figure. I had such plans for him but his luck being he was at a safe distance yelling his foolish tongue out and Gorgeousness talked some sense into me when I threatened to go up to him and land him some slaps while dailing the popo with my free hand.

The slapping could have landed me some jail time but as they say, the end justifies the means oder?! Especially as racism/discrimination is an offence under the paragraph 130 Volksverhetzung of the German Gesetz.

As far as I am concerned, the black race should be celebrated. Being black should be a thing of pride. Being black equals strength, royalty, evolution, greatness….the list is endless. The black race everywhere has endured so much and still we persevere which is an admirable trait.

My point is that the idea of racism shouldn’t even be a Thema. Why should one race feel superior over another based on anything at all especially skin color? It’s a stupid notion that grew bigger by the stupidity of humanity. When groups like the kkk and all others whose names elude me gladly get formed, humanity’s failure grows stronger. The fact that we as people cannot bond for equal greatness that could actually bring about world peace (yes I believe in that fairytale) is heartbreaking really.

Conspiracy theories? Maybe. Only time would tell. People in mixed marriages are traitors? Hell nein! Get with the program fools. Love wins.

Haven’t you heard? Africa is the crib of humanity…




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