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Lucille Und Sprachen Krieg

It’s getting….not hot in here!

I felt cool with myself, armed with my knowledge of what the weather would be, I flounced out of my apartment, no jacket, save for the thick waterfall cardi I got on one of my cheap hunts from New Yorker, into the wet cold April shower.

Suffice to say, I shivered mostly at the train station cos my train was late and missed and I waited for the next. I love winter but so long as I’m properly dressed for it.

Regular sneakers, banded jeans and a thin fabric turtle neck… Plus my cardi wasn’t enough to stop my teeth from chattering!

OK so aside wrongly clothed shenanigans, I’m here to dish about the greatness of my TV time!

AMC’s The Walking Dead drives me good nuts every time I sit through an episode. Sure there has been a number of thumbs down episodes, but they always lead on to a greater ending.

I was never bonkers about the series, but I thought it was cool especially being a comic series. I got into it maybe over two years ago and always had my jaw on the floor in anticipation. Rick of course is the neighborhood hero but for me, the whole squad just rocks…OK maybe Daryl is my absolute fave. I mean he rides a bike, carries around that arrow contrapment that sticks to him like glue and kicks butt! Human and zombie alike. What’s not to swoon over? Sure a hair cut would be nice, some clean clothes, daily shower and grooming but errrm, it’s the freaking zombie apocalypse!

Recent episodes has him and Rick making stupid decisions that put the squad in danger but they miraculously always make it through.

However, the season’s finale was like a wake up call on the whole karma thing. Killing the big bad saviors in their sleep wasn’t such a grand plan, especially as they foolishly assumed that camp was about it for them. You don’t go around doing what they(the saviors)do without having a massive following.

And then there was Negan.

Did I mention Jeffrey Dean plays Negan?

His grand entrance was like Duru would say: ghen-ghen! Plus the introduction of Lucille. The neatly crafted barbed wire baseball bat which is basically his saber.

He is definitely the new villain and I’m looking forward to watching him kill the character!

So the big question of who he smashed to death has the fandom going crazy and giving the series a thumbs down.

I do not agree with the ranting at all. I thought the episode was well written….OK so the driving around and meeting Saviors themed roadblock was a bit tiresome. I thought they could have taken down the first group but hey, I’m no script writer. What do I know?!

Plus the relationship between Rick and our beloved sword wielding zombie slayer Michonne wasn’t my cup of tea really. Most fans were thrilled… I wasn’t. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea. I just don’t like the idea of my two fave characters together. I never read the comic books and don’t know if they ever were a thing but still….nah ah.

We get our TV time during meals and it’s really amazing to sit and watch an episode or a movie together. At breakfast, dinner after work hours, lunch during the weekends. It’s a ritual I totally love and I hope it gets to be our tradition.

So, der Vertrag ist schon vorbei und I am back in the job market searching for something I can do. In the meantime, I got inspired by Gorgeousness to learn excel.

I have never had to use excel per say so I didn’t think about seriously learning it. However, most jobs here require you to have at least a basic knowledge especially in a marketing company.

It’s tough at first but when you get the hang of it, it’s totally fun. Sure I get frustrated when I come up with verschiedene Antworten aber it’s a learning process and requires a ton of patience which is something I definitely do not have with learning. How I went through B1 is way beyond me.

The PC is of course auf deutsch and I watch English videos so my frustration is doubled. Made me believe my own words: language school is so different from the real world.

So that’s my next Angabe. Excel Knowledge:Auf Deutsch Und English Gleichzeitig.

I made a list of the order in which I would learn this tool so I hope I can complete the self teaching course before the month is up.

Daumen drücken indeed!



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