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That Haar Leben

Ze blog has been acting weird lately and you always have to reload the page to see it a bit better.

Hopefully, Gorgeousness gets to work on it.

So anyways, I made a quick decision last week and chopped off my hair. I have to admit that it’s something I had been struggling with and I really wasn’t ready to do it the day I finally did.

To be fair, I didn’t mean to cut it as low as I did cos I have a perfect love affair with crochet braiding.

The last big chop was maybe 2009 and I really don’t remember anything about having a TWA and I have lost whatever pictures I once had.

I would say tho that there has been a great hair freedom ever since going Lupita on me. I don’t worry about satin bonnets, sectioning my hair for deep cees and wash days. It’s incredible. I mean we go on about not being our hair, but the truth is we very well may be and that’s the beauty of it.

Do I miss long hair? Duh. No more buns or huge afros outing! No more hair experiments or worse, crochet braiding!

I have gone all wig right now. Yesterday I completed an afro kinky wig plus I curled it and it turned out gorgeous. It was actually a remake of the first one I tried which turned out too big, heavy and unwearable really. The net went kaput while I was busy adjusting it to fit my large head! So I decided to remake it…boy did it work this time!



I had to use like five diff curl formers so the curl pattern is a circus in there. Will def go back to Primark for more of the same kind.

So it’s wig season y’all… At least until my TWA grows out and I’m back to crochet braids which, did I mention I love?! I do.

I got a two toned wig from GTWorld and it’s totally out of my zone but I love it. I also got a few more wig caps to try making diff wigs and of course clip ins. Sad thing being I want to use kinky braids to make clip ins but it’s hard to find kinky sew ins so I may have to figure out how to weft the hair to make clip ins…wow.

Why did I cut my hair? No reason. I just did! Sure it has been on my mind for a very long time but I never felt the urge until last week.

It’s def going to be fun especially as I have also decided to go lip color crazy. I got two amazing colors from and will def be ordering more from them too.

I haven’t been doing much in regards to hair routine. Sure I still do deep cees but because my hair is short, it’s not such a task. I also use a hair massage burste during sham wash day and it’s too amazing. I use it twice a week but shamwash once. Then I got a curl cream from the Aunty Jackie brand but it does nothing for me at all.


I was shy at first to step out with my short hair and had a bit of angst but I chinned up and strolled out!

Do I love my new cut? Yes I do. It’s free, it’s liberating(whatever that means…just felt good to write it down!), it’s me!

Tip: Use an unopened bottle of water as your mannequin head stand!

Let’s get this hair journey started!

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