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P2, Hergestellt In Aba…Vllt!

Hallo alle…

I’m not exactly big on reviews because I know I don’t do them properly and by properly, I mean amazing product photos and all that jazz that comes with reviewing(probably why I stay away from restaurant reviews).

I am actually thinking to do a review on the C and A store, going in and asking permission to take photos of the store manager and workers. Still figuring how and when to do this really but it’s certainly something I would like to do.

Während das Plan kocht, my review today is about the crappy product that the P2 cosmetic brand hands out to us.


And I mean the lipsticks. Since other stuff I get from them work fine.

I once got a tub maybe two years back and I hated it.

I used to think maybe I just got a color that didn’t blend well with my skin or maybe cos I was no Profi with make up and I was judging them wrongly.

Well, today I went into DM and slid right through to the make up Abteilung and saw these cute tubs (shiny too) and the colors looked so amazing.


Why I didn’t do a test or swatch( what ever that thing is called… Stripes of lip colors on skin) on my skin is so way beyond me. I guess I was too excited seeing the colors that I just went with gut feeling which was telling me I was choosing the right colors.


So as you can see from the swatch, they don’t really pop on my skin. Hell, I had to rub it in really hard to get this far! Maybe applying my foundation on my lips during powder routine would help bring out the colors? I don’t know. I mean yeah it’s worth the shot oder? Was noch soll ich machen mbok?


Here is why I’m totally not liking the p2 brand of lipsticks. They are not worth the penny.

There I was, begeistert about my bright orange tub and proceeded to try it on and bang! It broke off!!!

It took me a whole second to process what had just happened to my few hours old lipstick. Are you gaming me? I just bloody hell bought it. A whole less than 3€ tub of pretty lipstick. Did you even see how science fictiony the tubs were?

Sadly, I have to wegwerfen und will probably do same with the brown cos it really does nothing for me at all.

This experience has just made me conclude on the crappiness of this brand of lipsticks. No matter how schön they all look, don’t be fooled y’all. P2 lipsticks are completely Aba Ariaria market made and hey I say this with some sort of displaced pride because my lawd, the stories we heard about Ariaria market…wow! I mean if the makers of goods sold there put in as much effort to make authentic products as they do crap, they could rule the world of markets!

Then again, times really have changed because most Nigerians are taking a stand on producing great stuff. It’s sad that labour is really teuer as I would really love to see products made in Nigeria sold in foreign markets and by this I mean I want to walk into a shop in Germany and buy a dress that says “Made In Nigeria” on the label somewhere. Damn Asians!

I used to have a really cool T-shirt from a store somewhere in Houston that was made in Kenya. Must have been one of the reasons I got the tee. This was in 2009 and I have no idea what happened to said T-shirt but you get my point.

Anyways, this is me, really upset about having to toss out my new lipsticks because of how bad the quality really is.

Then again, it could just be that I roughly applied the lipstick(which I doubt) or could be I just picked up colors that would not ever go with my skin(again, I doubt cos I have other lipsticks from other brands that work well).

This is my Meinung based on my second experience with this particular brand. So I know I won’t be so quick to pick up lipsticks from the P2 brand.




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