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Gel Nagellack Und Tina

Hey y’all!!

Today I am dishing about the incredible nail polish I bought on impulse from the bekanntes Geschäft DM which carries a lot of amazing store brand products by the way.


I have talked about the crap lipstick I got from the same brand and I was extremely disappointed because I was really happy selecting the colors I did only to come home and get slapped with the poor quality plus the color doesn’t even show on my skin.

It truly is difficult getting colors for my dark skin. I cannot be buying make up from Mac all the time because other brands never have black women in mind. Why can’t I just walk into a store and pick up a cheap product that works for my dark skin as much as the next Caucasian woman?


I did find a website that sells make up black women can wear which is cool cos they are very affordable as well…yay. However, I would like to just pop into a shop that isn’t Mac instead of buying make up online. I guess I shouldn’t complain tho, it isn’t a huge world problem!

I hear Kiko has some nicely pigmented products so I will be trying them soon.

Anyways, the P2 Easy Gel Polish is verdammt gut y’all. I tried it on last Sunday and it stayed on until Thursday without chipping. And I say Thursday because I had a wig making session and all the fly away hair pulled the polish off.


So if I hadn’t gone wig making adventuring, the nail polish would have stayed over a week! This never happens with any nail polish I use and I have used a ton. Even as a tomboy, I loved nail polish. It was the only girly thing I owned so now that I’m slowly killing off the tomboy ways, trust that I buy all the colors possible!

The amazing thing about this polish is I just applied one coating! I did use a top coat from Essence but it makes no never mind because I have used same top coat with other nail polish brand and they still chip by the third day!


But this one? Good lawd! I can’t explain how excited I am and hey, it’s less than 3euros! I will be going back for more colors auf jeden Fall!


Auf dem Bild is my new coating. It’s not anything near perfect cos hell, today was a lazy day but a girl’s got to paint her nails for the new week coming! So yeah, their lipstick department sucks major and I won’t be trying anything they release regarding lip colors but I am officially a huge fan of their gel polish Abteilung.



Oh and i did finish wig number two by the way! It’s totally huge and I feel like Tina Turner with it. I’m still trying to give it a good shape but cos I don’t have a head stand, it’s difficult to cut it into shape even wearing it!

I hope I get to tho, shape it meinte ich, weil ich es mag! Ich nenne es Tina T!

Schönen Abend y”all!

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