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Lockiges Haar In Deutschland-Die Rossmann Serie

Hey Leute

I just recently cut off my six years growth of natural hair and I have to admit that as spontaneous as it was, I started to feel it was a bad quick decision.

But that’s no never mind really. Hair is cut and we haven’t figured out how to go back in time. So until then, I’m going to get my hair practices set.

So anyways, while I still had my long hair, I always used to stick with German brand hair products because the American brands sold here are quite expensive. Shea Moisture, Mixed Chics and all those natural hair products that are not local to Germany.

These products are mostly always found in afro shops. You would never walk into a neighborhood Rossmann or DM and find Shea Moisture on the shelf. Never.

Now, sure there are cheaper brands but I cannot always be waiting for a trip into the city to get hair products. Why should I have to do that? Because I have curly hair and only afro stores carry products good enough for my hair? At outrageous prices? Nah ah.

I would go to DM or Rossmann and pick up products that say “for all hair type”.

Now I know them products were made especially for the Caucasian female in mind and I’m not upset about that seeing as Germany is a Caucasian country. But I have been using them sparingly since I moved.

When I was on Facebook, I joined natural hair groups for women in Germany and to be honest, I didn’t get any thing out of these groups. A few complained about how bad the water in Germany was for afro hair and I couldn’t relate cos the water on my end was fine. No one was giving any info I found helpful or useful. One such group was more for women on a base so if you don’t live on that base, nothing was for you.

I even thought about starting a group to combat these product problems but I knew I wouldn’t be dedicated to it because frankly I was getting tired of it all. Plus I didn’t have enough resources to create a hair group that would really help afro haired women in Germany. I was still in language school so taking short trips to the USA/UK to get these products and sell at cheaper prices was out of the question.

That’s why I just said to hell with it and started using local brands. Except I wasn’t that dedicated because I wasn’t really into hair care practices beyond shampoo and deep conditioning.

So cutting my hair is going to be a good journey to begin using the local brands from scratch and seeing how good they would work on afro hair. These products are cheap and easily available and accessible so yay! Sure there are more expensive brands but that’s not the point. The idea is to go cheap oder?

Natural hair is supposed to be a cheaper way of maintaining your God given hair. At least that’s what “they” said! But when you become a product junkie, spending large amounts of money on jars of hair meals, it murders that cheap talk.

However, maintaining natural hair truly can be cheap. It all depends on you. I like to think that I am very frugal or thrifty so my next experiment will work well for me. Daumen drücken!

One time at a hair festival, I saw Tresemme conditioner for fast 20€ a jar and then I visited my sister in the US and saw a bigger bottle of the same brand for less than 5$ and I got a conniption! These hair products like the Shea Moisture brand etc are maybe not so cheap but they are pretty much affordable. In the US. Not Germany.

Imagine if you are a product junkie and go through one jar of leave in in two to three weeks. How much would you be spending per year in this country because you want to use afro hair products?

Nah, nicht me.

I’m trying to not regret cutting off my hair because I was totally excited when I did cut it at first. A few hours later I was almost in tears, wondering if I had done the right thing.

But today, I am positive it would not be so bad. Sure I’m getting used to moving around proudly with a TWA, while getting good at making my own wigs, aber nicht so einfach.

I got a short wig for about 35€ and having worn it just two times, it’s already falling apart. So I know I shall only be wearing wigs I make myself.

Ok so last week while finishing up a wig, I thought about testing local brands for my afro Haare. I was all for oh when next I visit my Schwester, I will load up on all them products but the truth is they weigh a ton and how much can I carry? Enough to last me six months maybe a year? And then what happens if I don’t visit her for two straight years?

That’s how I figured I test local brands, see how they work for my African hair. I mean my hair is basically back to square one, so the perfect time to go ah-testing oder?

Now I always felt that DM carries more selection for hair product and I have never really checked out the hair care line in Rossmann. Today I did that. More like checked out products I may try. Like I said, there are other expensive brands but that’s not the point here abi?

So for the next one year, I will be using Rossmann hair care products together with my liquid Dudu Osun shampoo. I know these products are not made for African hair (even though some bottles say for all hair types) but what difference does it make really? I mean sure I will not be using products specifically for blonde hair(yup, some jars actually have that written) but as long as it says regular Spülungen oder Haarkuren, Öl usw then I bloody hell will buy it…no joke.

Isana is one of the Rossmann store brands and from the photos below you can see the prices are certainly up my thrifty alley. I will try to mix various products together, but the point being I will only use hair products from Rossmann from now until April 2017 God willing!



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