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Mai- Die Rossman Serie

Hey y’all

I was finally able to decide on what products from Rossmann I will be using for my hair challenge and also figured out a regimen I can safely stick with.



Because my hair is short, wash day will def be a breeze. Before I cut my hair, I always used to do my deep conditioning treatment before washing and the reason was I found it easier and because I use less products, it worked well for me. With my twa, I will maintain the same regimen. So basically, I will be washing my hair once a week, using my dudu osun shampoo which I created by liquifying the bar in hot water. I didn’t add any oils( which most ppl do) because I didn’t want to have to refrigerate it. Plus easy access for when I get into the shower without the bottle. I can just stretch my arm and grab it instead of walking over to the kitchen, in all my naked glory.


I know I said I will only use Rossmann products for the whole year, but I will be adding a deep conditioning jar from an afro Geschäft. I haven’t figured out which one I will stick with just yet but because my hair is in the TWA stage, trying out diff products won’t be such a bad idea. However, I got this one(photo below) from the same line and looking fwd to trying it.


What I will be doing is deep cees twice a week and though the instruction does say a few mins, I will keep it in for one hour maybe two. It sounds easy enough so I hope I do stick with it. I’ve never been a fan of deep cees but I know it works wonders for our hair!



I just finished working on my second wig which I totally love but I’m starting to think that if I want to have wigs that last, I would need to buy better quality synthetic types where the curls last for ages. Aliexpress is definitely the place people go for hair but I am very sceptical about buying hair online. This is because I cannot see the texture or feel it between my fingers. What if I hate it and then returning would be serious JAMB runs. So until the local afro beauty stores start to sell hair like those gorgeous ones you find in the UK/US, it’s the regular ones I usually used for sew-ins and crochet that I stick with…leider.



I suck major at styling my TWA. I have watched a dozen videos where women with shorter hair style their TWA and come out looking like queens. Aber me? I flunk that Abteilung like major! My jar of Aunty Jackie Curl La La was a fehl buy because I cannot seem to utilize its full potential. So until I do learn that, it doesn’t go beyond wetting my hair daily and applying the Loc method. I also picked up hair oil which I’m thinking to add olive oil in. Not sure yet. May just use it together instead of putting a bit in the mix. The bottle contains jojoba oil which is supposed to be great for hair. The middle bottle is sort of like a hair care cream which has provitaminB5, keratin and apricot seed oil, protects hair while brushing (combing in my case) and a host of other hair goodness! The haarkur on the right is just regular leave in conditioner.

Leave in products

So, that is my hair regimen for the year. Afro hair does grow. The growth rate obviously depends on the individual. Me? My growth rate is quasi non existent. Which I have come to terms with. So I know for three years, I will be having a TWA. Sad yes but that’s my hair and I am OK with it. The photo actually says less then 14€ but the truth is I probably spent less than 10€ for the set!

So next update on this series will be June! Wish me luck und einen schönen Tag noch y’all.

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