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Quick Review! Die Rossmann Serie


From a previous post where I talked about trying out local German hair care products, I’ve been totally psyched about how good it seems to be getting along with my hair.


It has been over a week since I began using the Isana Line (wasn’t the first of May as I had planned. Just a few days before).

I am loving the results so far and I cannot believe how amazing the products seem to be doing. I will def continue until the last day of May and see if this goodness isn’t just a one week thing.


I am not going to say my hair is so manageable now because there really is no such thing as unmanageable hair…don’t be silly!


But I will say I feel a difference. Maybe it’s because my hair is in a TWA stage so any product would work, I don’t know. I do the LCO every day with these products and like I said I mix it with coconut oil some times.

I have been monitoring my shedding since I started and I am definitely impressed. I used to shed so badly and would whine about it to Gorgeousness who would only tell me it’s normal which my brain told me it was, but I hated it. I kept thinking I should shed less.

So yes I shed less now, but that could just mean cos my hair is short, the shedding is less. Plus I comb my hair just once a day after the LCO and never again until the next day. Some natural hair women believe that the LOC or LCO should be done twice daily. I don’t believe that. I think for me, one day is fine.


Maybe when my hair gets longer, I will figure out a sort of night routine for my hair.

Sun kissed darkness


But until then, once a day works perfectly!

TWA Gorgeousness

And who isn’t loving the long weekend in Germany??!! Und heute scheint die Sonne so stark und hell!

Kool sah noch nie so richtig gut aus!

Have a great weekend Leute!

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