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A Thin Line Zwischen Beauty Standards Und Was Richtig Ist

Summer is around the corner and as much as I love the sun, I cannot stand a few things that come with the heat!

Armpit Hairs

I came across a picture once where a woman proudly showed off her armpit hairs in a photo of her enjoying the sun. Of course, the comment section was split into people who loved her armpit hairs and the ones who thought she should shave. One lover of the pit hairs even implied that shaving was a beauty standard.

Now as much I agree with being yourself and not giving a damn about what society thinks, here is the thing….armpit hairs are down right ugly. Nothing you do or say can change my mind about that. It is not a beauty standard to have a clean good smelling hairless pits. No it is not. Don’t confuse the beauty of clean pits to doing you. Do your hairy pits in the comfort of your home or underneath clothes with sleeves. It is disturbing with the tendency to make me gag.

Let’s not go on the do you rampage and come up with different reasons for the foolishness of humanity. Where animals are more important than people, or hairy pits become a thing… mbok.

Half Butts

I first saw this trend last summer and I was appalled by the sheer ignorance of girls prancing around in the hot sun with half their butt cheeks in my face. We are not on the beach or in a pool hall. I get that it is warm and you want to wear as less clothes as possible but come on now….what happened to duster jackets, light summer coats, long ärmellose tops that can cover those private cheeks? Butts are ugly, yes they are and only look beautiful covered so please don’t come out with a stupid trend that would arm foolish men with more reason to justify rape/harassment. It is disgusting, ugly and a very stupid trend. Let us be smart as we are sassy.

Flies, Bugs, Bees Usw

Another reason I always look forward to the end of summer. Fliegenklatsche is my BFF in this hot season. I am constantly slapping and shooing off bees and flies and moths and….

Oh you shouldn’t do that with bees, they would attack…says just about everyone. Duh I know that but I still hate the buzzing around me. It drives me insane and I get upset and even break stuff in my effort to swap…and I am a Profi in this business!


Having lived in Nigeria should have prepped me for this abi? But noooooo, I can’t ever get used to it. I hate sweating. I remember those sad days of PHCN “taking light” and it used to be the worst times of my life. I felt like I couldn’t get anything done because of the heavy sweating and bad heat. Having on any form of clothing was like a genocide for my skin and I would always get so angry. I hated the heat. I really did. It was not funny.

During my nysc days, I would cry and pray for the heat to let up. Whenever I had full access to eine Klimaanlage I would make sure it was at its coolest. I always knew winter/spring/Herbst were my favourite seasons and I could never understand Nigerians flying to Europe or the USA for a “summer holiday”. Why would I suffer through the scorching Nigerian sun and then take a holiday overseas during the summer?

It made and still makes no sense to me at all.

I can probably come up with more stuff about summer that annoys me aber ich denke die oben sind genug. What do I like about summer? A lot too….see you in the contradicting post!

Ein schönes Wochenende y’all.



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