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Muttertag Schenanigans!

Happy mother’s day ladies!!!!

As is traditional with us, we spend the Sunday of mother’s day with the Mr’s Mutter. She is such a great cook by the way and bakes the best chicken ever!

There is usually a lot to eat and she is always wanting me to try stuff …which sometimes annoys me because if I say no, don’t push me. Gorgeousness does try to stop her from wanting me to try any new thing if I don’t want to and I think that’s really sweet of him.

I don’t want to have to be rude when she is being nice and that’s always a possibility because she always used to shove the fork in my face!

Because it was so warm, she decided to treat us to grilling which of course no meat lover ever says no to.

We had lamb(which wasn’t actually so great), some Turkish delicacy thing I didn’t try because I was too full from all that amazing noodle salad and amazingly baked chicken. She made some great tasting sauces too and of course we went home with leftovers which will be today’s dinner!

Hell, I said no to grilled sausages which I have never done before!


Watching her and seeing all the motherhood messages online made me really look forward to having my own kids.

Motherhood really is the toughest job and I see it a lot with how my sister handles her kids which is really impressive.

It seems like so long ago we started trying for some buns when in truth it has only been oh I don’t know, since we got hitched.

My mum was always harassing me about getting preggers, checking my ovulation status(is that even a thing?) And it used to upset me really bad.


So I warned her about it and then she starts harassing my sister who now tells me to just go check with my doc to be sure all is well and I can with good conscience ignore mum and her rantings.


We did check and it turns out I had a few pieces of myomas near my uterus. It freaked me out of course and I cried so hard when the first doc I visited for a surgery basically said I had no chances of getting pregnant.

Then my Frauenarzt tells me to seek a second opinion which I did and the surgery was a success…well, all those annoying myomas were taken out. All 12 of them.

So IVF is our best bet.

We had our first trial last year and it was a failure. I remember being in the bathroom, Zähne putzen when Gorgeousness gave me the two weeks wait news. I cried so hard like a baby(no pun intended) and I was really sad for a long time but I got over it. Not quick enough but I had to be strong.

Being a mum is the best feeling ever and I know this because I am a mum to my nieces and nephews. They look up to me for help with the little things, they believe I can protect them, their mum can leave them alone with me for months on end because she knows they are also my kids and I love them unconditionally.

Being a mom is a very hard job, but it’s the best job ever.

We are working towards starting our second trial and as much as I would love to say I am positive this time would work, I’m no genie. I am not God either but I want to stay positive, think positive and get positive vibes from where ever I can.

Gorgeousness als er ein Kind war! So cute. Freshly baked buns I dream of!
Gorgeousness als er ein Kind war! So cute. Freshly baked buns I dream of!

I didn’t know how much reflection on being a mum I got until sitting down on our worn out sofa, all the moving boxes all around the flat, watching the Men In Black movie, munching on some leftover afang and Haferflocken, that I realized how difficult that news was to sink in.

I used to say the names of my future kids(I was daydreaming of twins you see) everyday with a short prayer.

The Mr and I would take turns with prayers before bed and I even wore new (sort of my lucky charm)clothes and shoes to go get the fertilized eggs injected back into me.

Yeah, it was pretty much upsetting but I needed to get over it quickly and I sure did.

So this is me, grabbing positivity from all the mother’s day messages of yesterday, all the beautiful pictures of mothers and their new born, daily photos of my sister’s kids who happen to belong to me too(smiles).

Wahrheit indeed
Wahrheit indeed

And yes, Gorgeousness and I did a few photo shoots of course. It was a great sunny day. I went from a nice pair of Deichmann wedges to my favourite sneakers for a walk by the green fields(sadly saw no strawberry fields but I did see some horse riders!).

My black lace bodysuit was a quick buy from Zara a few weeks ago and the bleistiftrock which is my favorite attire by the way is from H&M. I do have a lot of those. For someone who has narrow hips, big muscled belly and thick upper torso, it’s shocking that I love pencil skirts oder? Yeah I’m a huge fan of these two stores and a lot of my clothes I get from them. They are affordable especially during the sales season.

Anyways, yesterday was an amazing day with the Schwiegermutter and her backyard is so green. Trees and flowers everywhere… Plus the bees and the flies. Let’s not forget those!

Einen schönen Abend y’all and my prayer tonight will be for everyone of us who is patiently waiting to be a parent. Be it through Ivf, surrogacy or adoption. Either way, we all want to get the chance to train kings and queens, beautiful people of the future generation!



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