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Shake Your Smoothie Maker!

It’s Sunday, over 10° with a good percentage of possible rain but that don’t matter….

We are indoors, binging on heavy metal with a pinch of Eminem and whole bag of goodness from Meatloaf’s old albums!


Moving apartment is so much harder than I thought but I made it a lot easier by filling up boxes every day of the week and rested during the weekends and I’m very much eager to finally move in. We won’t have a kitchen because this new apartment doesn’t have one…we need to buy from our pockets and so we need to save for that. Luckily, Gorgeousness ordered a cooking plate type thing which should make meal life easy until we are able to fix up our kitchen.


Along with the hot plate came the most amazing smoothie maker I have ever laid eyes on. I have heard a thing or two about Russell Hobbs but nothing that interested me.

It came with two bottles as well as bottle tops, extra rubber for the blade bottom(huh?) And a recipe book which was missing from my box sadly.


Every time we go to Kaufland or some other grocery store, I would salivate over the smoothie makers I see and he always disses them all, telling me they won’t last after two uses.


I used to be a bit upset at his quick judgement but deep down I knew he was right so I stopped checking them out.

The reason I wanted one was to get into the habit of eating more healthy and doing more sports. Gorgeousness introduced me to an app called Freeletics and it’s an amazing app that gives you fitness exercises you can try out.

It has only been two weeks and I am getting into the habit of fitness exercises six days a week, plus we are really learning portion control.

From Instagram, I discovered having Haferflocken with egusi or afang instead of the regular poundo yam, which may not taste as good as yam but it’s a healthier choice.

We used to have twice this size!
We used to have twice this size!

So you can very well imagine my excitement when he surprised me with my new smoothie maker!

I was extremely gobsmacked happy seeing it and just couldn’t believe he had it in mind to get me one obwohl wir ein Mixer haben!

I wanted something small and quick to whip out and back in the Schrank which the huge blender we have just wouldn’t have cut it!

Anyways, I tried it out for yesterday’s dinner. Gorgeousness is allergic to quite a good amount of fruits so while I did a simple smoothie for dinner, he had pistachio nuts….speaking of, I never used to like said nut before yesterday.

The packet was so cute I figured it can’t hurt to pop one and then the popping just wouldn’t stop! Yeah, I’ve definitely found something better than peanuts!

Tomorrow is week three of my freeletics work out and I hope and pray I stay consistent with it cos I used to squat but never continued.


The one workout exercise I’m in love with is doing runs on the treadmill. I could use that piece of machinery like twice daily! Wait, I did that during my babysitting stint.

While the kids were in school, I would get on it for 30 mins to an hour and when they went to bed! It was amazing.


So anyways, my smoothie maker is way better than yours! And I’m going to shake that baby for the next months to come!

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