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Haut Farbe Ist Relativ

Hallo Ihr Lieben….

Gott sei dank dass es Freitag ist…obwohl das kein sinn macht!! Warum?

Because I have been out of a job for two months now and Gorgeousness is on a two week holiday so it being friday makes no never mind for us. Everyday’s a holiday really… for me at least and I keep thinking of what I can do and stick with to kill the time. I picked up excel lessons but I seem to have slacked on that. Sitting in front of a computer isn’t really my thing…which is odd cos a few years ago, I lived by a monitor.

I am more of a hands on kind of woman so I may have to pick up sewing soon. Learning here was always tiring cos the flat is so small and I hate cluster so leaving the sewing machine about, gathering dust was just out of the question.

But we are moving to a flat bigger than what we have now so I will def have a nice room for my sewing lessons.I still trail instagram for pictures of outfits I can try making and I am looking forward to that. Somewhere in the city is a fabric store which I will def be visiting regularly. No they don´t have african fabrics but that’s not the end of the world.

Anyways, before I get side tracked and completely miss the point of today’s beitrag, lets get into it!

Gorgeousness and I watched a video on youtube about being black in Germany and I looooved it. The channel is called schwarzrotgold and is handled by an afro german man(at least I think he handles it).

I watched one video where he interviewed an Ethiopian lady who talked about growing up black with racism in Germany and getting to the point in her life that she is in at the moment which was a really cool interview.

The video I have linked below is my total fave and the elderly man in the video is so sweet. He reminds me of my maternal grandfather who I used to think was the most amazing human being ever to walk the earth. He was the kindest and most honorable man I knew growing up, plus he was very fair when dishing out punishments to anyone who upset his grandkids! Yes I totally loved him but was too young to understand his death.

Anyways, the video is in german but it has english subtitles and would keep your eyes locked! I found his tale really heart warming and the truth in it is something we sometimes don’t ever think about.

You sit and cry your eyes out for not being chosen for something great, but the truth could be that the life you think you deserve is just not the life that is meant for you.

Check out other videos from the channel when you get the chance(I hope all videos are subtitled). Especially if you live in Germany as a black resident and get the feeling that you can never be anything but a dark skinned foreigner in a country with a race of people that you don’t belong to.

These interviews give foreigners hope of a great future for not just them, but the legacy they will leave behind. We all hope for a better future for our kids and their kids, but how do we turn hopes and dreams into actual reality?

By getting out of our comfort zones, by proving to ourselves we are more than just our skin color. We are better than we are perceived. We are not here to look for validation from anyone because we know who we are and what we can achieve, regardless of what color our skin is!

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