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Juni – The Rossmann Serie

Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone! That song has been playing in my head all day


First it’s sunny, then it just won’t stop raining. Let’s not even talk about yesterday when it rained den ganzen Tag! Luckily, I didn’t have to be anywhere.


We finally moved last Saturday and the past days have been so hectic! Plus verrückt! I feel like we have just been putting stuff in and out of boxes.


We managed to get the Kellerraum geputzt so we can move in boxes und Sachen, die wir nicht brauchen werden! Because I was freaking out having to side step hard boxes and bags usw! The cobwebs I encountered in said cellar was enough to house a giant spider from the eight legged freaks movie!


We still can’t afford a kitchen from my last post date and we are slowly learning to deal with having to use the table top cooker which is so annoying but better than nothing. Eating from a Mikrowelle was actually plan A but thankfully, Gorgeousness was quick with the table top idea and we have been chowing tinned foods since.

Tomorrow though, I’m off to the afro shop cos I have a bad hankering for home cooked meals. I’m sure the Mr does to cos we cannot be ordering pizza when we get lazy to cook. That shit ain’t cheap o!

So this week begins month two of my isana products usage! I am liking it so far plus in serious need of a good deep conditioning treatment which shall take place on Sunday.

In a few days, my big chop will be two months and two weeks or so back I realised I could flat twist!???

However, starting sunday, I won’t be flat twisting any more. I need to let the hair grow without stressing the poor short strands. According to Yellowsisi, length checks should be done 3 months apart. So since we are in June, I can safely say length check has been done because after cutting in April, I couldn’t even hold my strands between my fingers and now I’m flat twisting!

So next length check is in August but I will skip that and do a check in December instead!

I am still loving the isana products and even bought another hair oil which makes my hair feel really rich and fluffy…yes I said fluffy.

I have finally come to terms with being scissors happy because now I can keep tabs on my hair growth. I look forward to seeing how well my hair keeps with these products.

Next year, I may either switch to dm or mix the two lines. But that all depends on my results by May 2017. But let’s not count the chickens yet abi? After all, the whole point of this hair challenge is to find out if afro kinky hair can survive on cheap hair products not made with us in mind.

Don’t get me wrong, it would be great to walk into Rossmann or DM and see bottles that list afro kinky hair on them. Granted, most products say “all hair types” but let’s pretend that doesn’t include kinky hair!


So in May I didn’t stick with dc twice a week and I’m going to chuck that down to our move and prepping for my surgery. This is hoping I stick with the program in June!

Enjoy the rest of the week y’all!???

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